Sensor Supplier


Can anyone help with contact for supply of dexcom sensors. Live in UK and supplier is very unreliable, diff to contact and costly. Love dexcom but may have to stop using unless can source elsewhere. Many Thanks


Hi Chris- Any luck? I’m on the Dexcom trial-mainly to see the accuracy but more importantly to see if it will last the reported 14 days on the sensor which means affordibility is a little more likely for me. How unfair is the cost difference!!? Also seems to have got worse as when I first looked into Dexcom the machine cost £750 and now is £1075! Anyway, I’d love to know if you found a way of getting some cheaper sensors. Dee in London

Hi Dee, Thanks for getting in touch. Apart from early few weeks were sensors/body took a little time to adjust to things the Dexcom is a huge success for me. Am normally sceptical on new gadets and their claims but this really has changed my life. Been on around 6 months now and agree cost is an issue but for me the benefits greatly outweigh. Nearly all sensors i get 2 weeks now meaning approx £30 per week. Had best hba1c result ever had at 6.7 which before this was unheard of. Cosmeticall takes a little getting used to but if you can afford it then go for it dee. Advanced therepeutics as far am aware are only UK company doing these but hopefully word will spread and be available on nhs soon. Email me direct if you wish on

Thanks a lot Chris. I really can’t afford it but then I stop and ask myself what would I pay to avoid complications and that cost is infinite…I also think if I took up smoking it would be just as expensive and lots of people smoke so maybe I should just go for it. My deciding factor I think will be if I can get the sensors to last as long as two weeks. I’ll let you know! Dee