Dexcom Start-up Routine

Continuing the discussion from Getting my kid on the Dexcom G5:

This is a great post of Dex tips @rgcainmd I’m going to help coach my 8 yr old great niece on using a Dexcom and I was wondering when you start your daughter’s sessions, at night or in the morning? I will have to go over to insert it but my sister (her nana) will need to calibrate. I’m thinking I may need to insert on Friday night then have my sister start the warm-up Saturday morning, or I could start the session Friday night but I’m concerned it will wake them all night with false lows or highs and turn them off to the technology:(

Can I poll other Dex users too while I’m at it, what is your start-up routine …evening or morning?

The system starts sending out “end of session” reminders about 6 hours before the end of the “official” sensor session (1 week). So I do the insertion/start-up in the evening (after supper) because all the “end of session” reminders are less disruptive in the afternoon. Also I can compare the CGM reading with a bedtime fingerstick and learn how well the device is tracking. I only once did an early morning insertion–the overnight alerts were very annoying, as you can imagine.