New to Dexcom and playing sports

My 14 yr old niece is going to be starting dexcom g5. When you first insert it is there a certain amount of time you need to refrain from physical activity? She USA runner and plays basketball and is worried she will not be able to participate in tryouts due to not being used to it.

When you first insert a new sensor there is a 2 hour warm up period where you aren’t getting readings, but you can still do physical activity. My 10 year old plays competitive basketball and will play in tournaments where he’ll play 3-5 games in a day and it’s never hampered him. We can monitor his levels and we have signs we use during timeouts and in between quarters that we use if he needs to drink Gatorade. He’s never had to come out of a game due to his diabetes because we’re aware well in advance what his needs are.

Thank you so much! This is very helpful information. I like the fact that you have signs between each other that’s a good idea. Again thanks so much for sharing🙂

I use a Dexcom G5 and find that the BG readings are less accurate (compared to a finger stick measurement) during the first day after starting a new sensor. I play ice hockey with the Dexcom and try to plan my new sensor insertions/starts at least 24 hours before a game for that reason.

Thank you!