Dexcom Stock is Soaring

Dexcom stock soars, meanwhile quality of the service call centre sinks to new lows

BTW - I am definitely not a Jim Cramer fan

I bet they are. They is coming to the hospital.

Last time I called Dexcom for a sensor replacement I had to hold before they answered quite a while so I set up a call back. They were extremely nice but mentioned I can ask for a replacement online if I want next time and it might be easier. So this time I filled out a form, Then I got an automated response 3 days later…automated response taking 3 days??? Okay but it was about 15 questions I had to answer like serial number etc of which I had already supplied almost every one on the original form. And if I didn’t respond within 3 days it would be dropped as being solved…Sigh I fill it out and the next message said they are shipping me a replacement. So I guess it was easy, although a call is easy, once you are past being put on hold of course.

On another note I just saw a TV ad for Dexcom for specifically type 1 diabetics. Saving you from finger sticks!!! An ad geared towards type 1’s I was very surprised!!!

Hey marie, Someone told me to call first thing in the morning. That worked like a charm. No hold. But, I might have just gotten lucky. Shipping was rapid. Lucky break, maybe.

Hey Jim, did you see the article Marie posted about covid and diabetes? I bet that helps the dexcom stocks. @Marie20, you should post that article to Jim. He works in the hospital, I think. It would be nice to get his feedback. I’ll look and see if I can find your post. It was some days ago.

Here you go @mohee0001 and @Jim_in_Calgary

Marie20Type 1 or LADA


It looks like Covid might be causing diabetes

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Last time I needed a replacement sensor I filled out the thing for a call back. Waited a while before they finally called, then the guy asked me a few questions, then said please hold and left me holding for probably at least 15 mins or more, then comes back on and says hold a gain, and after another 5 - 10 mins tells me he is sending me over to Tandem because they are supposed to handle failed sensors if used with the pump :neutral_face: . Then I had to wait a while for the Tandem person to answer and repeat most of the same info with them.

Now granted, usually it is pretty quick and easy when I have called Dexcom about failed sensors or applicators.

Waited two hours on hold Friday night. Waited another two hours this morning. Still unable to get through to anyone.

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This is “A Product Support Request Form” not the request a call back form. (unless maybe they need too?)

I never had to hold or talk to someone, I just filled out the form. Got a reply by e-mail back to answer almost the exact same questions a few days later giving me 3 days to respond. I e-mailed back the answers and then I got an e-mail saying they were sending me a replacement.

Monday night they call back in response to response form I filled out Friday night. Not the 12 or 24 hour turnaround they mentioned, but it did happen eventually.

Are you using yours with the T:slim X2? I am wondering if that makes a difference. I had previously just got them from Dexcom, but like I said this last time they said I need to call Tandem if it isn’t a mechanical problem and is just a failed sensor.

No, I use Omnipod. But the Product Support Request Form never asks you that. Plus the questions they send you to answer don’t ask anything about that either. I literally never called or had a call back, just filled out the form. It’s just standard question, where, date, serial numbers etc. It is what the Dexcom rep recommended the last time I had called for a replacement and said it would be easier than holding.

And while it asks a good call back time, they never called. They just sent more questions, but all basic. But if in their system they know you have a Tslim, it might not work the same for you?

Under Global Technical Support
Then Contact Us

Request a Call Back

Submit a Patient Support Request***

Submit an Overlay Patch Request

Might be worth a shot to try at least.

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