I live in an alternate universe: Dexcom support answered in 2 minutes

I called in at 9:21 AM Pacific. In less than 2 minutes from the time I chose “tech support”, I friendly, HELPFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE fellow answered. I had a bad sensor (rare for me) which he is replacing. This is typical of my calls to Dexcom, regarding their professionalism and short hold time. Once in a while, there is an extended wait, but to hear others online tell it, they can’t ever seem to have their calls picked up in a few minutes. Like I said, I live in an alternate universe. Lucky me!


Good for you! I have to call to report some sensors and ask something and I have been postponed it. Let me call now to see if I have the same luck.

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Go for it!

This news about them offshoring their TS/CS to the Philippines is worrisome, but up to now they’ve always been pretty prompt and responsive when I’ve had to call. I haven’t needed to call Dexcom support since, well, quite a while, but… OTOH, I also have really great experiences with Medtronic TS. Maybe we’re in the same universe?

Sounds like that’s a distinct possibility! I’m waiting to see what Mila has to say about her phone call.

First try:

20 minutes I hung up

Second try:

I’m on hold, it has been 13 minutes already

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I called just now to straighten out an order for transmitters. I received an e-mail notice saying G5 transmitters were shipped per automatic refill. I’ve been using G6 system for more than six months so I’m not sure what happened. I need to make sure they recall the shipment and that I’m not billed.

It’s 4:15 CST and my approximate wait time to speak with a representative is 24 minutes. There’s an option to leave your number for a call back, which I did.

I’m happy to hear you are still receiving the kind of stellar service I’ve grown accustomed to from Dexcom having used them from the Seven system through G6. But things just aren’t the way they used to be. Not terrible, but when you’re top of class, stepping back to something that’s acceptable is a disappointment for someone like me who has held them in such high regard for so long.

I think they’ll get back to the service/quality level I expect. The CEO recognized the errors they made with the G6 launch and have a plan to address it, albeit with the disappointing decision to move CS/TS to the Philippines as one of the major actions.

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Waited 43 minutes and hung up again. It wasn’t even customer service, I need to purchase some G5 transmitters. :roll_eyes:

wow. guess u chose the wrong time to call. I’ve run across that once in a while, but not as much as getting someone on the line from orders or tech support, in just a few moments to a few minutes.

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right, but I mean the “heart” that is at the bottom of everyone’s post. That gives us a quick method to “like” but it doesn’t include the other options I mentioned.

@Mila @Dave44 possibly it’s the difference between “Customer Service” and Tech Support. I’m guessing they are different phone trees given one is now outsourced offshore and the other is US based.

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Update -

I called just now 6:00 CST and got an immediate answer. The rep was very helpful, resolved the problem in about 30 seconds. I was receiving the G5 sensors because they didn’t delete my G5 profile when I updated to G6. He was very knowledgeable about the ordering system and found the problem in just a few seconds.

The surprise - he was in Manilla!


Called Dexcom TS about a sensor issue yesterday afternoon (CST). Hold time was about 20 minutes. He transferred me over to CS to close out the issue (15 minute hold). Both calls went to Dexcom USA.

I took the opportunity to ask the CS rep about transferring CS to the Philippines. He personally said he was disappointed at first, then resigned himself to the fact there is nothing he could do about it. He’s planning his next career move. I gave him my condolences and also said I thought he had the right attitude.

He said Manila doesn’t have an existing call center so they’re building it from scratch. US staff are over there right now training the new hires. So it looks like we’ll have to deal with the remaining learning curve they can only build through experience.

Such a sad and disappointing situation for the employees and probably customers during ramp up. But the hold times will no doubt improve as I already experienced.

I live in that same alternate universe you do. My experiences have always been positive and just like yours:-).


Many of us live in that same universe with Dexcom and I suspect to some extent it is those of us that take the approach you can “catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” and don’t waste the reps time, by telling them all about our woes and how bad they and their company does their job, that get very favorable treatment.

I need to start taking note of what time I call about sensor failure (I have many). Normally, at night, I get a support person on the phone within a couple minutes. If I press # for a call back it often is the next day after I’ve changed the sensor.

OMG !!!
So close.

45 mins is the magic number.

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After having horrible wait times for quite a while I do see improvement. I am on MC and have had a phone number of a person to contact with orders but that was worse than calling directly. Was assigned a new contact and awaited his call/email asking about reorder. In the meantime my transmitter expired and had been expired when it finally alarmed. The new contact had not bothered to notify me so I called his number. Luckily he was busy on the phone and another representative answered. This fellow was sharp and although sounded a little inexperienced on a couple of points did well. I’ve switched to him and he promised to keep up with my account. He did follow up right away and I enjoyed talking to him. Incidentally, that call center is located in Mexico which is roughly somewhere between the US and Philippines.
I would like to praise the long-suffering customer reps who are being laid off. Dexcom wouldn’t even be company anymore had they and Tech Support not held it together. Once one outlasted the ridiculous phone waits or asked for a call back a few times, the CS reps were pretty great. Big boos for the higher ups and praises for the workers! This has been a lesson in how to make a good product bad.