Dexcom: Sudden fake lows at night

I used to have a waterbed and I would get crazy readings on my dex. At night That was the original one.
I’ve also heard that people with gell beds and memory foam mattresses have similar issues.
Once I switched to a regular bed all my weird night readings vanished. You could try sleeping in the guest room or on the couch for a night if you have one of those mattresses. Also you can try putting your receiver above you like on bed frame. Kinda impossible with a pump but any way if the compression of the sensor is not the issue it could be other things.
Oh and while on the subject. I just got one of these wireless electric meters in my home. So a Human reader does not have to come look at it.
On the new warning label it says “ if you wear a medical device that uses telemetry you should stay 100 feet away from this meter. “
That meter is probably only 50 feet from where my bed is. But I have not had any interference with my Minimed sensor.
I was thinking to ask for an old fashioned one but since it’s not causing Any problem, I didn’t.