What is a compression low?

I’ve run into this phrase a couple of times, but not sure I understand what it means. I ask because I was laying on my Dexcom this morning and my BG crashed and kept crashing. Juice didn’t bring it up. But when I left the bed, my BG rose from 44 to 78 in about a minute, then jumped again to 84.

Tested to calibrate an hour later. CGM said 71, fingertips 70. So CGM is accurate.

My understanding is that a compression low occurs when the Dex site is “compressed,” so the reading is not accurate. The Dex will show low when you’re actually not low.

It sounds like you may be describing a real low, so I wouldn’t think this term is applicable.

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Thanks. Makes sense. It’s been a pretty rotten day.

I had this happen a couple of times where my blood sugar dropped and I had a hard time getting it to come back up. Literally I drank 2 apple juice, ate candy and stabilized but had to keep consuming sugar to get it to go up. Of course about an hour later I shot to about 280. But considering how much I consumed that was not even close to what it should have. I hadn’t dared taken any insulin until then because I didn’t know what was going on.

The 2nd time was after I had gotten a Toradol (nsaid) shot about 8 hours before because I had fallen and injured myself a week before and I’m thinking the first time might have been after the first Totadol shot I had gotten.

That sucks. Hopefully tomorrow is better :slight_smile: