False lows at night?

Hello everyone - I’ve been using my Dexcom for about 3 months now, and in the last couple weeks, have been dealing with something new. Last week, I had my first sensor failure - normally, I can get 2 weeks out of them, but that sensor ??? repeatedly after just a few days. Thankfully, Dexcom sent out a replacement for that one, impressing me with their customer service/support.

With my new sensor, I’m having another problem - the past few nights, it’s been giving me false lows (ranging from LOW to the low 50s) when I’m actually in the 80s-90s. During the day, it’s behaving as it should; this is only a problem at night.

I have my sensor in my abdomen (for now - I’m pregnant with twins and quickly needing to find new real estate!), and I don’t sleep on my stomach, so I don’t think it’s a matter of smashing it or something like that. Has anyone ever had this happened? Is this possibly just another dud sensor?

Hello, the Dexcom doesn’t have too much range, so instead of putting the receiver on a table by your bed, you may want to wear it or keep it closer to you. There is an alarm to wake deaf people called the Sonic Alert (even though you are not deaf). This prevents any missed alarms. I bought two pieces for about $100 total and love it.

Try the sensor on the front of your leg. I love mine there!

I’ll have to give my leg a try!

I used to put my receiver on a table very close to me and it worked fine until I turned over in bed and the receiver was behind me, and the sensor was on my abdomen. The transmitter and receiver cannot communicate in that situation. I had to start hooking my receiver to the top of my pajamas after that.

Hi… I get this at night too… like last night but usually with a new sensor… last night it read 35 and the meter said 93… then it alarmed at doulbe arrow up and 128… meter again said 95… on nights like this… I will shut off the high alarm and leave the low alarm on 60… but during the day it will behave ok… maybe sweating at night??? I have no idea… also I re-start the sensor if it’s giving bad readings for the first couple of days… customer support is wonderful at Dexcom!!

I’ve put my receiver under my pillow,button side down, for the last couple of months. Never fails to wake me when my pillow vibrates and alarms, and I haven’t lost communication between the sensor/receiver no matter where the sensor is.

My new fav place for the sensor is my thigh, kind of between where the inside seam of my jeans is and the top, about 2/3 up my leg. Doesn’t hurt a bit and has been mighty accurate.

I have had both things happen. My experience has been that they have awesome customer service as well. Sometimes I think stuff in our environment can weaken the signal and it wigs out. For example, when I cycle with others and if a majority of the other riders use garmin satelite monitors on their bikes, my sensor will give me the ???..a pace maker next to me did that once too…there may be other technical signals that weaken or block these babies.
I have also had the evening lows and I think if I spend a lot of time on my back and I did not place it in some “good tissue” that it picks up less interstitial/ fluid info and “calls me low” , just a guess but that is what it seems like. OR it could be a dud, but if it reads good during the day…thats my guess. Did you ask Dex? kj

Maybe the moon was in a certain place last night, lol. At 3:45, mine went off saying that my BG was 45. Tested and it was actually 89. The sensor was put in on Sunday night. It’s been accurate today and I’ll see about it tonight. If I get more crazy readings tonight, then I’ll change the sensor and call Dexcom.

Do you have to secure it with anything special to keep it from rubbing against your clothes there?

You know, I’ve had my iPad pretty close to the receiver this week - I’ll need to check and see if moving it elsewhere helps. And I haven’t asked Dex about it yet; I figured I’d see if any field users had suggestions to try, just in case. That’s my next step. :slight_smile:

I hope I can just keep the receiver at my pillow - I already have a hard time with my just pump clipped to my jammies, and that’s attached to me. :slight_smile:

Not initially, but after a few days the edges start to lift. I use opsite flexfix, cut into 4 strips to hold the edges down. The stuff lasts at least 2 weeks with no irritation.