Dexcom tape - it won't stay on!

I just started using the Dexcom cgm three weeks ago. I have really found it helpful in monitoring my blood sugars. The only downside for me is the tape - it won’t stay on my skin!

I am a fairly physically active person. Between the sweat and all the showering, I can’t seem to get the dexcom tape to say on my skin. I supplement with extra tape from my pump infusion sets, but the sensors still aren’t staying attached for an entire week.

Does anyone have tips for securing the sensor/transmitter?

I use Opsite Flexifix tape. I bought my first roll at a local store but American Diabetes Wholesale has it cheaper even with shipping. Most people like the 4 inch better but I buy the 2 inch. I cut one longer piece then cut that in half to put along the edges of the top & bottom and then 2 short pieces for the sides.

I second the vote for flexifix. It’s lasted 3 weeks for me. I get the 4" roll and cut 4 small strips for the edges. Haven’t had a reaction to it as I do to some tapes. I don’t even know it’s there.

I’ve never heard of flexifix. Thanks so much!

I use Skintac. It works great for me. I’ve been using it for about 2 years. I can keep the sensor on for almost 2 weeks.

I put my dexcom on right after I shower, because I’ve noticed that if I use alcohol or a skin prep before, it doesn’t stick as well, even if I let it totally dry. Weird, but that’s what works for me. I’ve heard skin tac works really well, too, but since I stopped using alcohol before applying the sensor, I haven’t tried it yet.

After I apply the Dex, I take a skin tac pad and soak the tape edges. I hit it with a blow dryer on low to help it set, plug the transmitter in, usually hit it again with the blow dryer, and away I go. I also dry the site after every shower with the blow dryer - sure seems to help. Finally, I take a piece of gauze and just tape that over the Dex site - I think it keeps the clothing from rubbing and when I am sweaty, protects it more. Get up to two weeks (or as long as it reads accurately!)

Good ideas! I never thought of using the skintac or the hairdryer on low to dry it after showering. Thanks.

I’d vote for flexfix too. I’ve run a couple of times in upper 90 heat this week and the only downside is the sweat pools up under it and I’ve drained it with a lancet.

In a super dry environment, glue dries out fast and releases. I find using the johnson and johnson heavy duty cloth tape
over edges of the sensor tape ( and not over sensor ) holds down the sensor better and helps reduce releasing.
Watch out for other types of tape by J and J as they dry out and fall off super fast in dry environment.

For me the heavy duty cloth sticky tape works best. Some knucklehead at j and j has decided that 3m post pad glue is best. And for those folks with delicate skin quite possibly. For me in super dry desert environment most of these heavy duty tapes and regular bandage tapes fall off in an hour.

I use 2 types of “Tape” (Really patchs.

  1. Hartmann Hydrofilm - This is the best for me when I work outside and sweat alot. about $1.50 /sheet
    When you sweat it just drys out after you cool off and when you shower it gets wet but after a short time it’s completely dry.

  2. Smith & Nephew IV3000 - lower cots - about 51 cents sheet.

I’ll have to look at the Flexifix tape. In that it is also made by Smith & Nephew , I wonder what the differences are over the IV3000 ?

Also I have Hypafix, also from Smith & Nephew on my list of materials to try.

Tapes price out cheaper but I have resisted tapes vs patches as I fly alot and cannot carry scissors with me.

The tape I use comes on a roll just like scotch tape, so no scissors are needed.


Hi, My daughter is also very active. Some weeks more than others. First I wash my hands of any lotions etc. I make sure I clean the area with an alcohol pad , let it dry and clean once more with another alcohol pad. I’m very careful not to touch the adhesive and usually use my fingernails to handle (maybe you can get a friend with nails to help). When we do have issues with it peeling up, I use first aid waterproof tape. They come in a plastic case and you’ll find them near the band aids.
I just put it around the edge to hold us until time to replace the sensor.