I've found that the adhesives on the past few sensors I've used have worn off more quickly than normal. I usually don't see peeling of the tape until about day 6 or 7, but lately I've been seeing it on day 2 or 3 and by 6 or 7, I have to add tape or else it would just fall off. Has anyone else had these issues? I'm hoping my skin hasn't just started resisting or something.

I add extra tape immediately and have found that my sensors last longer. My avg. sensor will lasts for 13 days. Additionally, the extra tape that I add does not usually have to be replaced for the 13 days. I add one piece on the bottom, one piece on the top and on in the front. top and bottom pieces are about about 3" X .5".

I use opsite flexifix from day 1 and have always used it so I can't speak on whether the adhesive has changed or not. But I do get at least a couple of weeks out of each sensor and lately I have gotten 26 and 27 days so the extra tape works at least for me.

every once in a while I get a bad batch`... its almost as if the adhesive is different not less...But I figure what the hey...I use them so much longer than they want us to....I don't like it...and mine have not lasted more than a few days when they start sliding...but...I am still getting my share.

Because I had itching in the past with the Dex 7, I stocked up on Mastisol and Skin-Tac. I've had no itching at all, and my sensors do stay on. My routine is: Spray or brush a bit of Skin-Tac on to the skin. Let dry to 'Tacky'. Place and insert sensor in. Smooth out the gauze.Now, for my own peace of mind, I *do* lay down strips of Opsite Flexifix on all sides.

My sensor is on it's second week and still anchored well.

BTW, I love my Dexcom! :-)

Thanks for the tips, I plan to use the Skin-tac and opsite tape, esp with summer coming.
We had a very warm day and I was working in the yard, I looked down and my sensor was on the ground ;-( - I was sweaty.....

I always add some Tegaderm patches on day 1. I've been able to get at least 6 weeks out of doing that, with a few minor repairs along the way. Tegaderm seems to stick like crazy for me.

No kidding! The quality of 'stick' has definitely gotten worse. I wrote them a comment lately that they should talk to the Insulin pump people and get some ideas. Kind of makes me mad.

Thanks for that tip. I get itchy around day 7 which makes getting to day 12 or 13 (which seems to be my max time) very difficult. I'll try that.

Oddly enough, my last Opsite application did the same as my Dex tape - it came right off after about a day. May just be that my skin got greasy and I have to use something tacky now.

Does Mastisol or Skin-tac work better for you?

Right? After 80 hours, my pods do NOT want to come off. I think I've taken some skin off with those before.