Does anyone find Dexcom can be very inaccurate during the first day or so. Mine was inserted about 8 hours ago and it’s jumping from accurate to false falling rates and back to normal. Very frustrating.

This is relatively common. Not universal however.

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Yes, but I can’t speak for G6 version. I’ve had sensors that were calibrated normally, during flatline bg’s, and that went bonkers (like 150+ inaccurate) but then came in okay in the next 24-36 hours and turned out to be stable and fine thereafter. I think this must be at least half weak programming, not all sensor.

Most sensors do better than this, and every now and then you get one that just won’t calibrate properly and you have to give up on it. The few times this has happened to me, Dex has been good about providing a replacement.

If you’re about to give up and you have stable bg’s, try calibrating 3 times at 15 minute intervals to see if that sets things straight. Also, if you can afford the extra strips, try more than one per test. The crappy ones that my insurance gives me are regularly way off, so taking more than one test helps give some accuracy I think.

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Thanks for that. Yes I tested with my meter three times before I calibrated before which was about 12 hours after the initial calibration to get better accuracy as you said. I use the G5 and am finding more often these days the first 24 hours can’t be trusted and then it comes good.
Will give this one a bit longer before I give up on it and change the sensor.