T2 Slim

My wife started on the T2 Slim CGM/Pump last night. During the night she received 2 alarms for low BG readings (one in the 40’s and one in 50’s). Both times she said she did not feel like she was severely low so she tested on a separate meter, and the results showed she was in range (130’s). We passed it off as being new to the system and needing more experience with it, but it is a bit concerning.
Has anyone had similar issues, and if so, what did you do?

The first day on dexcom can be off.
The best way to avoid it in the future is to
Put the sensor in a half day before it is needed.
This way it has conditioned to her body before you snap on the transmitter.
When my sensor is about to expire, I put a new one on and continue using the old one. Then in the morning when the old one expires, I switch over the transmitter.
She will likely have better results.
However there are other possibilities
If the sensor wire only went in half way or if it got bent you will have similar issues.
If it has been 24 hours since insertion then she can try to calibrate.
If that won’t help then prob the sensor is bad or not installed right.
Dexcom will replace it.
I’ve been on it for 5 months and now my readings are dead on same as my meter.


Thank you…very helpful info.


I think that @Timothy’s suggestions are excellent. Two other things to consider:

It seems that the accuracy of the G6 is heavily dependent on good hydration levels. Also, using tissue where you can “pinch an inch” is also important. In my case, abdomen works well and back of upper arm works pretty well. But, for me upper thigh does not give accurate results.

Stay safe and good luck.