A cheaper version, probably to try to get some of Libre’s business which is now pretty big in Europe and the UK. It was hard for type 1’s to even get a LIbre, but they have made it easier the past couple of years and I guess the overall guidelines are now recommending a CGM for every type 1. It does still depend what region you are in for how easy availability is. I think the LIbre is the only choice in all/most areas so far for being funded, but the announcement included the Dexcom as an alternative.

It’ll be interesting if they market it here, aimed at self funders and the huge type 2 market out there that Libre has been marketing for. That’s a gold mine if either manage to create a large demand in the type 2 market. Although Libre would still have the edge because they are cheaper and I’m not sure precision is called for if you aren’t on bolus insulin.

I have not verified this, it’s just what has been posted, but the current cost of the G6 there is accurate as the $160 has been the ongoing price, it did used to be equivalent to $179 US dollars.

UK costs
Dexcom G6 $190. US dollars per month including transmitter (160 pounds)
DexcomOne $118. US dollars per month including transmitter(100 pounds)

Supposed to be able to be calibrated
Has less alerts
Not pump compatible
Not able to be shared,

Dexcom’s the first link, I used Estonia to see it lol


It looks like it’s the G6 exactly, but with some features disabled. If they want to be truly competitive with Libre, they’d make it run for 14 days instead of only 10


Yea, but 14 days would make most of us all want it instead of the more expensive G6 so…

Oh lord can you say medicare substitute? Medicare has been anti share from the beginning and this looks like the cats meow for that payer.