Dexter in Mexico?

Hi all,

I am traveling to Mexico in a few weeks, and I can not decide if I should bring Dexter along or if I need to leave him at home. It kind of sounds like a PIA to bring it. I will be in the water a lot and also plan to have some tropical beverages. I have been swimming with the Dex only once before and it failed the next day. I am also not thrilled to sport it with my swim suit.

But I am so comforted my this. I know that the heat, activity and alcohol will mean that I will have to be doing some tweaking to my insulin and carbs. It would be nice to see where I am trending... Also does anyone know how it does in flight?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated :0)

I would say try it out ive swam with it also but i noticed it wants to try to come off so maybe get some flexitape or something that will hold it down if it doesnt come out any no reason why it shouldnt work the following day

Hi KML -- I think to some degree you've answered your own question... right? :)

Dex travels well, though the TSA folks are not all accustomed to seeing them, so just be prepared to be patient with them.

Good luck in Mexico with your Dex!


My girls both swim every day with their dex. We use IV site dressing over it. Just cut out the center to go around the transmitter, but completely sealing the edges of the adhesive. You can just cover the transmitter instead of cutting out the center, but then it tends to trap water and you get more errors. Just remember that the dex doesn’t transmit through water, and it doesn’t store data like the mini Med. I would take it. Err on the side of caution, that way you can enjoy yourself and relax knowing dex has your back!

Also, if you put the dex on your butt you can hardly see it! My girls wear itty bitty bikinis and no one ever notices.just put it a little high and towards the side so it is comfortable when you sit. ALSO, if you get an error after swimming, try popping the transmitter out of the cradle, drying the two metal connections on the under side and then snap it back in. That usually solves that issue.

how do you pop out the transmitter i basically have to break one of the clips to get it out?

We just use our fingers to pull the prongs apart and it pops right up.

You have to pull apart those two little arms just enough (too much and you know what happens). I've noted that it sort of wants to pop out when you spread them enough to allow for that. Just don't pull too hard.


I say take it in luggage and you have it if you need it. Enjoy the break for a few days without it and just test a lot.

Thank you all!