Dexcom and swimming

This summer will be my first with the Dexcom. I have no issues with my infusion set site from my pump in the water, but with the Dexcom, they say it’s only waterproof for 30 minutes. I like to swim in the ocean (sometimes rough waves) and was wondering if maybe I should cover it. Would something like Tegaderm work? Does anyone else have any experience swimming with their sensor? Just wondering! :slight_smile:

I am curious to see what reply you get - I am concerned about losing the transmitter if the sensor fell off - I have had good luck using tegaderm or flexifix tape in a hot bath. I am wondering if it would be worth removing the transmitter for safety and then restarting after leaving the water?

When I was using the MM CGMS, I taped it down all the time with flexifix or flexigrid Spent day(s) at water park with it and the pump. I found opsite flexifix or flexigrid had a much better hold for me than tegaderm, especially when wet. I have used it over the Dex, not because I am in the water but because I am trying to get more time out of the sensor and the tape is peeling.

I too look to hear from those who have spent extended time in the water with their Dex.

i go swimming quite often with my dexcom. I dont cover it in any way. It’s done fine for me while surfing/swiming/water skiing for extended periods of time. No worries

Thanks everyone! I did order some tegaderm, so I might try it to see if it works/if it’s necessary…but Christian, your comment makes me feel a little better about it! :slight_smile: