Diabeis Alert Service Dog Chloe

Dibetic Alert life_savers, They help their human partners maintain better control over their blood sugar levels, leading to imoroved short -and long - term health outcomes. Handlerd fell safer with constant companion who also provides continuuus glucose monitroing, leading to more independent lives and comfort tighter bloo sugar control.Diabetis Alert Dogs are most effective when they are able to be with their diabetic dog at all times

hi shirley i’m actually starting to look into this… can you help send me in the right direction??

My Scottish Terrier (see pix) is also trained to alert on hypo (<65 BS) and hyper (>300 BS) events. Since Scottish Terriers are “ground hunters” seeking varmits underground, they have a great sense of smell and it works for out-of-normal BS ranges. Since I can no longer sense a hypo or hyper event and am extremely brittle, Charlie is my insurance policy fo events between tests. He is trained to first sit in front of me. If I do not respond he will start hitting my leg with his nose. If he can get to exposed skin on my legs, hands or arms I will also get a nuzzle from a very cold wet nose. He gets his message accross and is about 80% accurate in alreting to BS events. Thisis the second dog I have had with this training, the first was ans Old English Sheepdog.

More on the smaller alert dog breeds, please. And any part-time alert dog owners out there.

we are in Australia doing a great job and growing rapidly. www.pfd.org.au

Our Rottweiler alerts when my husband is approaching a bad low, without training. Looking into doing some more actual training if anyone has any US links to info or training articles? I read on another thread about DADs going for $20K! Wow, way out of our price range!!