Meet my Diabets Alert Serice Dog Chloe and handler Shirley

My Chihahua Chloe looks like a typical loving pet. But Chloe serves a greater purpose I have Diabets .Chloe has been trained to identify the subtle scent changes in body chemistry undetctable to humans before my blood glucose level gets at a danger point. ;Chloe taps me with her head and with her paws and won’t get out of my face until I check my sugar and do something about it. I scent trained Chloe. Chloe is also trained to retrive med;s and get help for me if need be. I am willing to help other people with Diabets. i live in kahoka mo ,

How adorable! A diabetic alert dog that is lap-sized! Want one!!! Did you train the dog yourself or did you have help from an organization? Did you buy the dog trained?

Hello Shirley. I have read some studies with regards to training canines to detect cancers, seizure warning, and diabetes. And this is the first time I have encountered a real life trained dog. I would love to have more information on this. Thank you for sharing.

Very cool! I’ve read about these dogs, its nice to hear from someone working with one.

I would love to have a dog again, and one that could help me out in this way would be fantastic. It’s not within my budget though and I have a lot of severe allergy problems that make pets off limits for me.

I hope you have a very long relationship with your new best friend. :slight_smile:

my brother’s dog wakes me up when my blood sugar is messed up. either that or when he wants out. when my bloodsugar is messed up, he licks me to death until i do something about it. its always when i wake up with high bloodsugars. he never bugs me when im low although he sticks close by me.


I would love to sit on your lap.