Diabetes Alert Day: Alarm Bells Ring as Childhood Obesity Epidemic Fuels Type 2 Diabetes Among Adolescents

Today is Diabetes Alert Day. And a good day as any to remind ourselves that diabetes ‒ afflicting around 26 million Americans and nearly 300 million worldwide ‒ is not only a raging epidemic among the adult population but consuming younger people as well. We are not talking about Type 1, or “juvenile”, diabetes here, but Type 2, normally associated with adults.

Indeed, as recently as the mid-1990s, Type 2 diabetes was almost exclusively a disease of adults. But apparently fueled by the childhood obesity epidemic, cases in people younger than 20 have ramped up from virtually zero to tens of thousands in the United States alone in little more than a decade. The children who have it are breaking new scientific ground: No one has any idea how they will fare over the course of a lifetime.

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Ok Here goes… Yes… eating crap is not healthy. Yes…not excersizing is not healthy. Yes this is a problem nowadays with our youth.
Having said all that I have to stand up and say…NONE of this CAUSES T2D!!!
The fact is… you are either genetically hardwired for it, or your not. If you are already hardwired for T2D, then Yes… eating crap and not excersizing will trigger it much faster, but it is NOT the cause.

I feel the need to remind people of this because this misconception is metally damaging to those of us who are NOT obese, as people ask me contantly…if I caused this by not eating right, or not exersizing enough.
Many other factors can trigger(again not the cause of) T2D. Such as stress,or surgery, or an illness such as a cold or flu.
I have T2D because I am hardwired for it, the stress in my life was a TRIGGER not the cause!! Please pass this on!!