Diabetes Alert Dogs

This is very interesting and would love to learn more. I have a 10 years old son with Type 1 and I am sure he will enjoy having a dog that could help him. He loves dogs and that sounds like a good companionship for him.

having a diabetic alert dog is NO PICNIC! there is contstant training involved. it is a great companion-but i comes with many strings attached.

my son has severe hypoglycemic unawareness-and has had some incredibly scary situations which has caused him to NOT go over to friends homes. he was frightened to be where someone could not help him. the alert dog gave him hope and freedom-but at a cost. he is struggling right now with the whole magnitude of the situation.

our dog is nothing less than amazing-he alerts 90% for all lows (of which we suspect that justin just misses.) i have had peace of mind by having an alert dog-but i am not the one who has to bring everywhere-like into the bathroom when i take a shower or use the facilities. i am not sorry that we did this chose this route for my child. i would not trade in our dog for anything in the world!

before em’barking’ on this alert dog journey-you really need to understand taht this is NOT a pet! it is a working dog. it will be working for your child 24/7. it is a big responsibility!!!