Diabetes and Dental Implants - Anyone have them - and did the implants take?

I just found out I have a fractured tooth. It seems it will have to be pulled. My options are: partial or dental implant followed later by crown. Implants are very expensive. The endodontist asked me is my diabetes is under control. Well my HA1C was 7.8 last, a little high for me as I am usually about 7.3 or 7.4. Is that considered under control?

Anyone have dental implants or partials - how has your experience been?


From your A1c, any endo would tell you that your diabetes is not under control. You seem to be averaging about 200 mg/dL and that is very high.

Agree with John. Afraid that’s high. Doctors want people much lower before surigical procedures. High BG inhibits healing, increases the chance of infection, aside from the other problems.

What did your BGs run? HA1C? Are you a type 1 or type 2? Thanks

Hey guys, I had my 3rd knee surgery (scope) a year and a half ago, my A1c’s have trended between 7 and 8 for years (been a diabetic for 13+ years now) and my surgeon never even blinked at the surgery (neither did my endo???) Not saying this is right or wrong correct or not… I had no issues w/ recovery. just my .02 8)