Are diabetics eligible for a gum graft?

Just wondering because i’m a type 1 with mild to moderate gum recession on most of my premolars and molars. Have some crowns and I know eventually, when/if my roots get cavities, the discussion might come up. Or maybe it won’t and i’ll have to get an implant or two :worried::worried::worried:

If you have concerns, you can discuss with endo.
May need to change insulin dosing due to meal changes and possible change in activity level.
Assume this is done under anesthesia, so need to decide how to control bg and not go low during procedure.
What changes do you expect to diet after it?

I had a tooth pulled with local anesthesia only, so did not need any changes to my routine other than not eating on that side of mouth. Yours sound like more teeth will be impacted, and may be advised to do liquid/soft foods for some time.

It never dawned on me that I wouldn’t be eligible for a gum graft if I needed one. I just assume that I can get anything done that a non diabetic can. My sister had one and was awake while it was done. She is not a diabetic but it all went fine and only took a few days to heal.

I asked my dentist about grafts at the time and he said that they avoid doing them unless absolutely necessary. I thought I would ask him again when I see him next week since my gums are receding. I will remind him that I am a type 1. I really hope I don’t need to get it done.

I don’t need them at this point, however I have a non diabetic friend who has it and he has had a few gum transplants.
I never heard it’s not good for diabetics.
I do know that if you take alpurinol for gout, and several seizure meds, you are almost guaranteed to have receding gums

Type 1 for 50 years. Had a gum graft in 1990 that’s still holding up today. Also have had 3 successful implants in the last 11 years. My periodontist vetoed the implants so I went to someone else. My periodontist was worried that diabetics heal slowly and are prone to infection. That’s never been the case with me.


Thank you Dave!

Oh great I take Allopurinol =[