Diabetes and drinking

Yikes! I just took a quiz about diabetes and drinking “Questions for the cocktail hour” on the dLife ezine newsletter and got just about every answer wrong! And after 23 years I thought I was an expert on diabetes…not quite. So, in this holiday season of drinking,take a look at the quiz and let me know if you score better than me. For your sake, I hope so!

I didn’t know that about glucagon shots and drinking. Not that a glucagon shot is my preferred low treatment. Thanks for the link.

yeah, me neither, who needs another shot? (knock on wood!)

Interesting… one of the early answers says drinking is considered part of a healthy lifestyle, even for diabetecs, but later on (Q 10 I think) the answer says that drinking can contribute to neuropathy. That’s enough to keep me away from alcohol.

yeah, I never knew that! I need to ask my dr. about that, i’d hate to give up my glass of red wine!