Diabetes and pregnancy

I had GD with my last pregnancy and now 2 yrs later I’m a T1.5 diabetic. I take 4 shots of insulin a day, on my stomach. just wondering if I should switch to my arm or leg since I’m 3 1/2 months pregnant. with my last pregnancy I was taught to give myself shots on my arm or leg but find it way easier to do it on my tummy. any reason I should switch during the pregnancy.

I used my abdomen exclusively for my pump sites throughout my pregnancy and my doctor said it was ok to do so as long as I stuck to the sides of the abdomen. Check with your doctor as you are giving yourself more injections than I did as a pumper.

I am Type 1.5 and when I was prego I only did injections in my stomach; the insulin aborbs alot better. I was told 2 yrs ago the needle wasn’t long harm anything. Talk to your Doc

thanks. I’ll give my diabetes instuctor a call.

Hi! I see your diabetes started in pregnancy. Mine too. My blood sugars were very high, so I immediately did a blood test that showed a high level of anti-GAD pointing to T1,5 diabetes or LADA. I am currently 3 weeks away from a planned sectio ( macrosomia) and using about 25 units of insulatard and 25 units of novo rapid a day. How does that relate to your late pregnancy. I am wondering if I will get a “honey moon” away from insuline after birth, or if my diabetes already is beyond that.

I would really appreciate to hear more from you.