Diabetes And Psoriasis

Does anyone here have both diabetes and psoriasis. I have had psoriasis since I was 16 and was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes 8 years ago. I have noticed if my sugar levels go up, my psoriasis flares up a lot. When my sugar levels are low, below 105 or so, the outbreaks on my legs go away.

Anybody else have this problem or am I all alone in this? LOL

I have had psoriasis all my life and was diagnosed with LADA 3 years ago. Psoriasis is an inflammatory, autoimmune condition, as is Type 1 diabetes, so the two often go together. Are you sure you have Type 2? Do you have any other autoimmune conditions? I also have psoriatic arthritis but can control it mostly with diet. I find that there are lots of foods that increase my inflammation and make my skin and joints worse. I try to avoid wheat and red meat. Right now the skin on my hands is terrible, but that’s mostly from gardening. I am on insulin and also eat a low carb diet so my BG is mostly in the normal range.

I’ve got psoriasis on my elbow. I didn’t know what it was until my endo pointed it out. I must have a mild case & hope it doesn’t worsen. Sun helps it heal some. I’ve tried many things & nothing clears it since it’s autoimmune.

When I was hospital confined last January 2008 for a back accident, we have noticed breakouts, like dry scaly skin patch on my back. Diagnosed psoriasis stage 1 (I think the higher the percentage of psoriasis affected on the body…the higher the stage). I’m a type 2 for almost 3 years now. My doctor said it may also get worst with stress. Mine did for the period that I was hospitalized. The dermatologist prescribed methotrexate (2.5 mg every 12 hours 3 days a week) for a month which cleared it…but the effects of the drug was horrible to me (nausea, body weakness, lost of appetite). So they changed it to steroids topical ointments and tar soap. After about 3 months it cleared. So far, it hasn’t come back yet. I was informed however that since it is an autoimmune disease, it can be recurring.

Libby I was fine all my life as far as blood sugar levels then 8 years ago I started getting super high levels so I am pretty sure I am type 2. I did not know I had others that have problems with psoriasis. Thanks y’all

I was fine until I was 53. You can develop Type 1 as an adult. (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults or LADA) Many of us were originally misdiagnosed with Type 2. The fact that you have one autoimmune condition makes it at least a possibility that your diabetes is autoimmune also. Have you had any testing done for antibodies?

Like Libby, I was diagnosed at 53. I’m Type 1 with no history of either type diabetes in my family. Too often doctors assume T2 based on age without doing the needed tests for a correct diagnosis.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition and if you have autoimmune form of diabetes, it is not uncommon that they would occur together. See http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/articles/diabetes-news/4740&action=1. Dr. B has also noted a high rate of occurence of psoriasis in diabetics.

Hello i’m new to this site and was wandering about anyone who has diabetes and psoriasis and how it makes people feel have had psoriasis for 14 years and have just recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes am trying to come to terms with it all as have been feeling low

has anyone got any advice

I have mild psoriasis on my elbows. It’s funny, Gerri above says the sun helps hers, but mine is the opposite - it flares up when I get a lot of sun. Otherwise it doesn’t bother me. My mom and brother also have it, also on their elbows. My mom has a it a lot worse than my brother or I do.

i also have lupus and get a lovely discoid lupus rash that is very similar to psoriasus on my knees and elbows. lupus flares raise my blood sugars too. all this darm autoimmune stuff… it all goes together!

Psoriasis is a disease related to the deficiency of the immune system and not a skin disease as can be read widely on the internet.
Inflammation of the skin is the consequence of this disease but not the cause.

Some have experienced vitamin D3 absorption and have seen improvements. Have you seen an improvement with D3? thank you all.