Skin issues

for a few years i’ve noticed a marked increase in the amount of skin problems i’ve had, mostly some dry, rough spots and the occasional bout of unexplained hives. i’ve been working with a dermatologist for over a year now and we’ve done countless tests and tried countless medications and he’s as stumped as me. my endo is also aware of my problems but he doesn’t seem to have much to offer either. i wanted to know if others here had skin issues as well. the only thing that really seems to help me is being in the water (pool works okay, but beach works better).

I have a lot of skin problems, mostly on my hands. The tips and sides of my fingers blister and peel. Nothing seems to help much apart from using moisturizer several times a day and wearing cotton gloves to help the cream absorb. I have always had dry skin but it got much worse in the couple of years before my diagnosis and since. I used to use steroid cream but that seems to lose its effectiveness after about a week, so I don’t bother anymore. I don’t know if it’s related to BG but mine is under control and almost normal now so I don’t think so.

Hmmm… I’m with you. I have boughts of acne that are just a pain. I didn’t have acne at all during my teen and younger years so at 38 it’s a little bizarre for me. I have done searches on “Diabetes and Acne”, etc, but haven’t found anything. I haven’t discussed with my endo because I have figured it is oily skin, hormones, old age :), whatever… but I just don’t like it. I really don’t think it would be insulin related- I’m on Humalog and Lantus. Pretty sure it’s not diet either- I eat pretty healthy. It will be interesting if others have similar…

You’re not alone. I’ve had this rough, dry patch of skin on my ankle now since diagnosis. It is darker than my normal skin tone and about the size of a quarter. The endo said it was probably psoriasis…another autoimmune condition.

Yes, my condition is psoriasis, which I hadn’t realized was autoimmune. My dad has hypothyroid, so I knew autoimmune issues were in my dad’s side of the family, but my mum suffered from psoriasis, so I guess I got hit from both sides!

a year before my dx, I developed vitaligo, where you lose pigment in your skin in patches. It is also autoimmune, and no cure.

i have a patch like that on my ankle too. the only thing that makes it fade is salt scrubs (or body surfing in summer) and TONS of vasaline. vasaline is my go to skin care solution. when nothing else seems to help, vasaline does. but i’ve been to a number of different doctors and have been put on psoriasis meds and that wasn’t the issue, so i don’t know what is.

I have a lot of issues with extremely dry skin also…not exactly sure if its from the arthritis or diabetes…the word psoriasis had been thrown around before but there hasn’t been an official diagnosis.
But I have found a lotion that really helps. It’s called Diabease.
I use the hydrating skin therapy lotion on my whole body and it’s especially amazing what it’s done for my hands and feet. My podiatrist recommended it to me a few years ago and I haven’t stopped using it since.
Actually, thanks to his job, my husband has extremely dry skin on his hands and he started using the lotion after he saw what it did for me and now it’s the only lotion we have in the house.

It’s not cheap but you can get a really good deal on it if you buy through Amazon.

Seems everyone’s skin is different. No 2 people react the same way. We use POL Cream on my Mom’s legs and have had great success with relieving itch and dry scaley patches. Cooperlabs makes it.

I get super dry skin too. I’ve had a weird rash type thing on my forehead, and it went to the side of my chin. My dermatologist said that I have dermatitis, a form of excema. So I am now on pills for whenever it happens to pop up again!

I have issues with dry skin after removing an infusion set or cgms sensor. My doctor has me using a 1:1 ratio of hydrocortisone and eucrin cream. Usually dries up without a problem in a few days.

I would highly recommend seeing a dermatologist for any skin problems you experience. I waited for years before seeing one, and wish I had seen one sooner. They can prescribe ointments and/or creams which would have saved me entire winters with cracked skin on my hands … its worth seeing someone, and be very honest with the dermatologist … I told mine I had excellent control, but nothing seemed to help with dry skin on my fingers which caused cracking and painful skin peeling. He prescribed an cream (betamethasone dipropionate cream USP 0.05%) with a steroid (intended for short-term use when needed) and within days, my skin was healing … as I said, I wished I had gone sooner!

For the past two summers I got a bout of dermatitis near my ankle. At first it feels like a bug bite and then gets worse as far as itching and never healing, redness that never goes away. The only thing that has cured this is a dose of antibiotics. I just talked to my regular endocrinologist and he prescribes it for me. It clears up almost immediately.


Doers anyone take fish oil?

I take fish oil everyday, unless I have eaten fish. I don’t have skin issues, but understand that it can help with psoriasis as well as numerous other issues.

At this point, we’ll take whatever compliments we can get!

“Hormonal stewpot”…I am suddenly having between 10 and 110 hot flashes a day, so I quess I am in the pot, too. I had credited fish oil with helping to keep my hormones in check. Maybe I have a bad batch.
My nails would be like potato chips and I would be bald (sounds attractive, eh?) if things were any worse in those arenas, so I will not say that fish oil has helped there for me.
I do get comments about my young skin, tho!
Debb…don’t stress yourself. I say we might need to therapeutically increase our napping.

It probably includes Biotin, which I have been taking. Folic Acid helps nails, too, but it’s connection with certain cancers makes it suspect, I understand. Remember those preganancy horse vitamins…and your lush hair and strong nails? Folic Acid, perhaps!

I’ve decided not to hate you for your luck regarding hormonal surges…

I might feel naptime approaching…