Diabetes and Summer Heat

When it gets hot out my blood sugar goes crazy! I have low blood sugars high blood sugars and everything in between. I am literally a hot mess. Does this happen to anyone else? I am a pump user if that makes any difference.

I have heard a few people make similar comments. My blood sugars tend to drop from the heat as well. As for the high blood sugars, the heat might be spoiling the insulin in your pump. By the way, I've been injecting since 1974, but just started pumping on the Animas Ping July 10.

Heat and humidity, I think, can lower your blood sugar. I have to decrease my insulin dosage during the summer and increase it during the winter. A related problem is that because of the heat and humidity you sometimes don't feel your blood sugar dropping and you can suffer from the Symogyi Effect which causes a static high blood sugar for a while. Having said that, however, I'll take summer over winter any day!

I find that the heat of summer makes me go low or adjust my basals downward. I believe the theory is that the theory is that increased temperatures cause your blood to stay closer to the exterior of your body. This in turn leads to better and/or faster insulin absorption.

Heat can also cause insulint to spoil.

Hello Dkinsey

Unless the heat is high enough to ruin your insulin, heat per se should not be a major issue. As Capin101 said sustained heat changes our blood flow (more to the surface) for a brief time but shouldn't be significant enough to radically change absorption severely.

If that was the case we'd ALL have this exact problem... and we don't?!

Have you changed out the insulin? There any kind of pattern you can find for the numbers you are getting?

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I have set my pump on numerous times at temp basal at 75-80 percent for hours ...our temp lately well over 80 to 90 plus ; nice when I had the CGMS going as I could watch and cancel temp basal ..I truly wonder what my A1C will be ; I have had more lows ( around 3.7 ( x 18 ) ,...(I check before driving ) however NO rebounds( which has been unusual for me ) I have had to cancel my longer walks .From experience ...this won't last ; soon it will be autumn in Paradise :)

The weather has been driving me crazy. I am either going low all day or going high all day. I think some of the highs are rebounds for lows I've missed.

I find it crazy that the weather seems to affect my insulin requirements so much. I've been taking 40-50u per day the past month or so and having lots of lows, while in the winter I was taking 70-80u per day and having lots of highs and thought I was developing double diabetes!