Diabetes and traveling

I will be traveling to TX from SD in the next month. I've not traveled far since I've been on insulin injections (lantus and humalog) I am not driving husband (also a diabetic) will be doing the driving. I am looking for trips on traveling; both the driving....and the time we are there. We will have a frig at the hotel and a cooler with us for my insulin pens....and have food with us just as we would at home. We have a pup with us, so do have to stop often for him, and for us to walk around.Our driving time is expected to be 8- 10 hours a day with frequesnt stops, both coming and going. I've got the restaurant part down pat, so no need for advice there unless you know great places to eat in Austin. No lectures please. I haven't seen my son and dil in three and half years, they know we are diabetic, my dil is a nurse, she keeps pretty good tabs on us.....so only positive responses needed,.

Sounds like you’re pretty well-set! I’ve figured out on long car trips that I need to adjust my basal up a bit if I am not getting enough exercise on the travel days. And eat smaller meals those days, too. Have a fun trip

Thanks. We usually only get out of town for funerals, due to jobs,etc. So a "FUN" trip is going to be pretty exciting.

Any kind of travel is stressful for me, even a short two hour ride. I always check my blood sugar hourly while I’m under way. I ease up on that when I reach my destination. It probably sounds a little over the top but stress always does me in. I don’t like to arrive with blood sugar of 300. So I check often and correct as needed. I also tend to eat really light until I get where I’m going. I find that helpful on many levels.

I do quite a bit of traveling,and I wear a pump with CGM. It's impotrant to have pleanty of healty snacks and drinks with you. I also try to stop to take a short walk and test every couple hours. I usually take an extra 2-3 days worth of medication and supplies.

Hotel fridges can freeze,so I don't put my insulin in there. The cooler is a good idea.

I think you've got diabetes and traveling down and you haven't even left yet! Have Fun!!

WARNING. Do not expect hotel fridges to be a safe place for insulin. They OFTEN will drop well below freezing.

I have those cooler things for the cooler, and sure can get ice, but what do you do with your unopened insulin then? Thanks for pointing that out,

I put all insulins in the cooler. It won't freeze in a cooler that uses ice as a coolant. Dry ice is a no-no, of course. Seeing as my insulin sits out for up to a month or way more, at home, I don't worry a whole lot when traveling. All I worry about is the heat inside of a parked car so I make sure to protect insulin from even short-term exposure to high heat. I've been on insulin since 1978 so I've got plenty of experience.

You can put all your insulin in a small plastic container(Rubbermade) in the cooler so it stays dry and cool.