Diabetes and?

I’ve found a lot of posts here from people who have diabetes as well as some other health problem - like celiac, Hashimoto’s, heart or kidney problems. I’d love to find out who has other health problems. I find out tomorrow if I have a thyroid problem!

Great post! I don’t have much to add since being short is not necessarily an ailment. Diabetes is it for me, I have ADD, no time for other health problems!!!

I have high blood pressure, neuropathy, high cholesterol, arrythimia, and something called hypertgonadotropic hypgonadism. The heart problems the cardiologist says is due to neuropathy in my heart and the last thing, I have to go for further testing on to find out what exactly is causing it. Basically something is wrong with my pituatary gland or hypothalumus that caused my ovaries to completely shut down.

I have a thyroid problem, had liver transplant in 2001, and now suffer from kidney problems from the first anti rejection pills I took for the liver transplant. None of my issues are diabetes related, but they are all auto-immune problems, except for the kidney.

My doctors are actually surprised at how well I’m doing, they say they would never know I was sick…I told them I’m a fighter.

I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol which at the present time are under control with medication

I have been told I have Hashimoto’s I am on 100mcg levoxothyrine.

oh… high blood pressure, cholesterol, reflux, depression… nothing else to mention really unless you want the list from my ex-wife…

I have , Hashimoto’s , I’m on 87mg Levothyrox (in France).

Hi Megan,
I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which is related and seems to be a cause of insulin resistance. Also migraines, which I don’t think are related. I just saw someone’s post–I think it was Jenny–recommending drinking a glass of wine at night to bring down blood sugar, and I was like, damn! Wine is a definite migraine trigger for me. Sounded like a good idea, tho!

I suffer from severe major depressive disorder brought on, primarily, by 40 years of T1.

Diabetes, I wear hearing aides, several food allergies, endometriosis, and kidney stones :frowning:

I have type 1 diabetes and I’m only my way towards Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism (I tested positive for antibodies, though my TSH level is still normal).

Here is a group for people with diabetes and other health conditions. There might be some discussions there that you find interesting!

Dear Meagan.

High blood pressure that used to be well controlled with 10 mg of ace inhibitor but now I find if I take it my hands go numb when it try to sleep. The more so if the hand is higher than the heart. I was thinking of trying a diuretic. Beta blocker not a winner. Cholesterol is probably too high. The worst is persistant insomnia. I find it hard to fall asleep if BG is over 80 and wake up under 55. 1/2 of a 7.5 mg of zopiclone or immovane of some use. Pill also of some use to fall back asleep if you wake up. Too much and it is difficult to function the next day.

I have a generalized social anxiety disorder, and excluding a minor cyst on my kidney i have no other physical problems

Type 1, Celiac, Grave’s Disease…we’re just counting autoimmune diseases here right…lol I could go on

Ah finally somebody…with all my auto-immunes…type 1, grave’s, celiac (only + for antibodies)…would you mind telling me which one you had first…though I continue to have grave’s I am a hypo now due to RI that I took a couple of years ago

Conditions for which I have been and am currently being treated:I have hypothyroidism, tendency towards pernicious anemia ( low B-12), and spinal nerve compressions ( irritates the nerve endings at the base of the spine). The hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia are both autoimmune syndromes.Nevertheless, I get around just fine, am active and am overwhelmingly grateful for my wacky but wonderful life.

God Bless