Other conditions after being diagnosed with Diabetes?

Hi everyone I was curious to know how many of you after being diagnosed with diabetes have developed other auto-immune disorders? I was diagnosed at 7 with type 1, then 6 months later my thyroid stopped working so I take medication for Hypothyroidism, At 9 it was confirmed after a few years of having intense muscle, joint and bone pain that I have Spondyloarathropathy and RND Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy ( basically arthristis). Would be interesting to know if anyone else out there has these types of conditions.

Thyroid–Hashimoto’s. I suspect I had it for years before diagnosed with diabetes because I was always on the very low side of normal, had hypothyroid symptoms & almost all the women in my family have thyroid problems. Docs told me I was fine, but only took it seriously when I was diagnosed.

Hypothyroidism for over 14 years and osteoporosis …I think ,I am a lot older than you ( previous GP was hesitating to write an order for a bone density test …because I walk a lot …surprised , that the test (spring 2007 ) was positve and ostopenia in my hip )

My 9.5 yr old daughter first got diagnosed with Celiac Disease (Aug 2002), then Type1 (November 2002) and Hypothyroidism (Sept 2004).

Thanks for your responses everyone.

I’ve had arthritis for years. When I was younger I had joint pain but in those days “the dark ages” I wasn’t diagnosed with arthritis.

Hashimotos, sarcoidosis, and myositis. All 3 are autoimmune issues. The sarcoidosis and myositis cause major muscle pain and weekness if I don’t take meds. I am on 3 different meds for those and one for the hashis. My rheumy says lots of his patients are t1, he sees lots of us old timers as he calls us with multiple autoimmune issues.

I developed sarcoidosis in 2003 which resolved by 2005 at which time I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have never been to specialist until today and she told me that I may acutally be a type 1 (LADA). I am trying to get my head around this and figure out if this may be true. I have to get a C peptide test.