Diabetes app for Blackberry

Does anyone know if there is a diabetes app for the 8800 Blackberry?


Try here,maybe they have something for you


This looks specific to your 8800

Good luck
Post to let me know if it works

I use the MyGlucoHealth Glucometer AND Blackberry App. This is the first FDA-Approved Bluetooth meter that takes EVERY reading automatically not just to my phone, but to the web. I have granted viewing rights to my health care providers, so they can check on my BG levels and text me back with recommendations. The BEST feature, in my opinion, is the integrated notification system it offers. Let’s say I test below 60, I receive a text message to my phone with a question - “Are you going to take appropriate steps to correct this situation now?” If I do not reply in 5 minutes, it starts to send messages out to my co-workers (during working hours), to my wife in the evenings, etc. until the system gets a message back from my “Type-3 Support” members that I am OK. This system has prevented me from going to the hospital!

Check out http://www.myglucohealth.net/ - US based company, next gen of Diabetic System is here!

This is an older thread however I just wrote an article on precisely this topic for the All Things Tech column on www.DiabetesCare.net that might be of interest. I would welcome your thoughts, comments and questions! Thanks.

Diabetes Management for BlackBerry Users