BlackBerry App?

I know there are a lot of glucose-tracking/diabetes info. logging websites out there that have accompanying iPhone apps to make entering new data easier when you’re on the go…but are there any out there (preferably, but not necessarily, free) that have accompanying BlackBerry apps?

Our Glucosurfer project provides an online solution for the glucose log. I made some tests with the Blackberry simulator and it worked so far. To give you an idea about the Glucosurfer look and feel: just create a link to this URL in your BB browser (without the line breaks):

Your own link would use your own user and password of course. I must admit that it is a minimalistic approach and your feedback is highly appreciated (just send me your comments or a PM). It would be interesting to know if our solution is too slow to use it daily on the BB.

I’d prefer an app. The browser on my BB displays everything SO SMALL so every time I load a page I have to zoom in about 4x…it’s kind of time-consuming and annoying to use the browser, to say the least!

I can understand that you would like to use an app instead. Just out of curiosity: do you needed to zoom the Glucosurfer page too (the one that will open with the link above)? Maybe we can do something about it.

Kari, I also use a blackberry and have yet to find a good App for tracking my BG. I ended up buying a Itouch just so I could use a few of the Iphone apps which work but lack the ability to add all the info I needed so I was stuck duplicating the info on a hard copy which is now all I use once again. Oh and my Endo prefers the hard copy versus downloading my meter readings so I guess I’m stuck keeping track the old fashion way for now. Good luck on your search and should you ever find a great app give me a shout

Hi Kari. I don´t know if you necesarily need your database to be online. But if you can store your data on your blackberry device you can try to look at these apps:

If you need your data to be stored somewhere online profile then I think solution purposed by Holger is the right one for you.
For this purpose you can try free version of sugarstats on That also supports Opera Mini which you can install on your Blackberry.

Good Luck with finding the right solution for you. If you need help with some app or anything else let me know.

I have to zoom all pages. It seems to be a BB issue more than an issue with any website.

The developer of web sites must include some BB specific meta tags to control the zooming. I have made these adjustments and I hope the issue is now gone. It is still not very beautiful but it should look better. Could you give it a try?

Have you looked into Irecordit?