Diabetes Art Day is September 1st... Who's in?

I hope my TuDiabetes friends are getting ready for Diabetes Art Day! If you need more details, please check out Express Your Diabetes, here at TuD. In case you missed it, we will be raffling copies of “No-Sugar Added Poetry” to people who participate. You do NOT have to be trained or skilled or talented in art to participate, anymore than you had to be trained or skilled or talented to model or take photos for Word in Your Hand!

For those of you don’t think you’re talented enough, please check out my post, So You Say You’re Not an Artist?

Obviously, I’m participating since I organized this art-making frenzy :wink: I’ll probably do a painting, and incorporate test strips or some other diabetes trash because I’ve been enjoying that lately.

There’s been more interest than I expected from outside the Diabetes
Online Community, so I hope as many people as possible will join me to take advantage of this opportunity to raise awareness through this community project :slight_smile: Also, it would be fabulous if you have family who’d like to participate, since as we know, our families have something to express about diabetes too. So… who else is in??

There are some early contributions already posted on the Express Your Diabetes page. Check them out of you want a little inspiration. Also,Ninjabetic wrote the most wonderful post today about Diabetes Art Day. It is a must read if you’re feeling uncertain about participating.

Ninjabetic’s post: Unexpected Results

I’m so sorry you aren’t in a good place right now. Your support in spirit is greatly appreciated though. I also hope we will do it again next year, and by then, you will be sailing smoother seas and be able to jump in :slight_smile: