Diabetes Burnout

I need Help! For the last month I have been struggling with highs and lows ( in the 40’s ), a just don’t care attitude and discussed with ObamaCare. Got my daily Carbs down from 150 to 110. which for me has been hard, but made it. I have been in the Donut Hole since April and it looks like I will be there till the first of the year. Two types of Insulin is not cheap each month and it wipes out my SS check. Perhaps it is Depression and not Burnout. I was diagnosed with Type 2 and started on Insulin in '91 and in June '08 I started on Lantus. Murphy’s Law has been in the house the past month and will not go away. Then yesterday on the news, all seniors will be without the Cost of Living Raise another year, yet every thing else is raising. I don’t know what a budget is any more nor can not handle all these unknown changes. Has anyone out there been through Diabetic Burnout and how did you break out? HELP!!!

I am in the UK under the NHS and although I can’t really appreciate your difficulties in paying for care, I can make suggestions which will make your control easier.

110 grams of carb per day is still a LOT. If you can get down to 50 or below, your situation will improve.

If you feel hungry, incease your intake of natural fats. Butter and other animal fats or coconut oil are ideal

This WILL work and will bring your Bgs down and probably reduce your need for medication. For most people, the results appear within days.

It’s worth a try, but you will need to test quite often to prevent hypos. If your numbers drop low, decrease your insulin, don’t increase your carbs.
[Unless in the case of a hypo, which you must treat]
Using less insulin will cut your costs.It’s in your own hands. Check out what Bernstein says.


By following Dr B’s diet, i have decreased my insulin use from 50 units or more to 20 units per day. One vile lasts me nearly a month. huge difference. Its worth the savings if you are paying for your insulin. What does it mean that you have been in the" doughnut hole" ? I have never heard that saying before.

One of the cost benefits for me when deciding to make my daily carb limit 30 grams was dropping all medications. Hard? Extremely! Worth it? You bet!!!. I just couldn’t do the amount of carbs you are doing unmedicated.
I do think that the intake of wheat could be directly linked to depression or just feeling lousy. I really feel for you in your situation but congratulate you for having taken steps along the Bernstein path and ask you to walk more strongly with us who are making it work for our diabetes and self worth. I know that I am worth the journey I got tossed into.

Lots of us get burnout. There is even a book on the subject (http://www.amazon.com/Diabetes-Burnout-What-When-Anymore/dp/1580400337) and how to deal with it. It may be available in your local public library. It has lots of suggestions on how to work through it.

Thanks Hana
It was a task getting those Carbs down to 110. Now when I checked the last 7 days this morning, I am fluctuating between 80 and 100. so slowly I will get there. The doctor changed my Insulin scale yesterday, so that drops the amount of Ins… I test 5 to 6 times a day, so I am now averaging under ten units a day from 16 to 18 units daily. I have always had problems breaking old habits and starting new ones. Spousal support is a NONE. Only support is from my two girls, granddaughter and the TuDiabetes groups…
Thanks greatly for your reply and hope it continues.

Thanks Patty
The DONUT or COVERAGE GAP is found with SS or a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. Each Medicare Insurance Plan has a different start amount for the gap as well as an ending amount. During this time a person pays 100% for their medicines.
Once the end limit is reached the Insurance Plan pays for the medicines till the end of the Plan Year. ObamaCare is supposed to change this sometime with the next two years. I’m not holding my breath on this.

Hope this answers your reply and keep in touch. Chele

Okay bsc, I’ll give it a try. Thanks

Any other suggestions, bring them on.


I try to avoid grain products and root vegetables pretty much completely as well as candy, desserts and some high sugar fruits. I get what few carbs I eat from the other vegetables. I don’t get much support either. My husband has T1[I am T2} and he loves to cook. I have to check he’s not putting something in which I don’t want, just because he likes it and can cover it with more insulin. My adult daughter and my mother both think my diet is stupid and I should listen to the doctor, who would be happy with an HbA1c around 6.5% - 7%. I stay in the 5%s.
I just have to cling to my principles and ignore them all.
It takes strength of purpose. I find it easier if I keep busy. And as I am retired, I do lots of voluntary work. I also walk the dogs every evening and go to the gym regularly. about 5 sessions per week. It’s not easy!

Wow, I feel for you, Hana. :frowning: I get pretty pissed in this forum when T1’s start preaching the whole “eat whatever and just bolus for it” attitude… so I can’t imagine living with that, every day… You must be one determined woman. (And patient woman, too.)

I’ve tried to get t1 husband to cut his carbs too and I’ve succeeded to some extent, however he doesn’t REALLY understand that I have to do it all by diet. [2 x 500mg Metformin doesn’t do much]
I think he’s actually quite proud of my achievements. I’m pretty much the only T2 diabetic around who has non-diabetic bloods. Still we have been married nearly 40 years and he’s been T1 for most of that time. Looking out for him is something I just always do. Only sometimes do I wish someone would look out for me.
I also keep an eye on my 92 year old mother, who lives 3 hours away. I check on her by phone daily. then I have my daughter and her children to look out for. Good thing I’m the nurturing type.
Ps I have found some T1s[on another forum] to be very discriminatory, as in only they have difficulties and only they know the answers.

I know exactly what you mean, there… But don’t let them get to you. There are lots of nice, and kind, understanding Type 1’s… Take the people who are worth befriending, and don’t bother with the rest if they don’t care to learn, or if they think they know it all. We all have difficulties… and our challenges are all unique to ourselves. Even some Type 2’s think they can eat whatever the heck they want, and just take Metmorfin (I know a few that come to mind. lol) Just be proud of YOU, that you are doing good… and that life is not defined by what we eat – but about how much more time we can spend with our loved ones… Another day/month/year/decade… I would give anything to have my dad with me one more time… people seldom understand this point until they get to a really grave point of no return. Our journey is not pointless, or abnormal… It’s simply the new normal. :slight_smile:

I started being kind to myself… Realizing, that sometimes, I have to wind down, and not beat myself up so much for ‘failing.’ I’ve even had some mini D vacations, BUT, they were with awareness. Intuitive eating has been much more my friend in this journey. It has helped me learn that there are just so many things I don’t like, foodwise… but I was eating them mindlessly. We don’t usually learn that until we let ourselves eat with awareness. I hold on to the German proverb of “To begin is easy, but to persist is art.” I have made a commitment to not abandon myself, no matter what… Even when I feel the most desperate because I have no money, or cannot buy the best foods… or have to pick between utilities, or meds. I know it’s rough. I have no job, right now, and no insurance. Food stamps that barely cover myself and my husband – both Diabetics… and a family who hardly helps because they think it’s all my fault. Just try to hang in there, Chele. If it comforts you in any way, know that you are not alone in your struggles.

To the DWQ
Thanks for your encouragement and your proverb ( it hit home ). Since coming to TuDiabetes I realize that I am not alone. Suggestions I have received have really helped. I have Insurance, but right now the control the gov. is holding over the insurance company is not helping. Single incomes, I can get help, but they want household income and that means NO to any assistance. The only assistance I was able to get was for my Cancer medication. Now I need to worry if the foundation well renew my coverage for 2011. My primary care and endo have helped with samples at times for the insulin. Other drugs and food, is a first come first serve situation. With the Grace of the Almighty I well beat this problem.

Thanks and please keep in touch. Chele

Feel majority of Burnout stemming from: 1. Finances, 2. Seasonal Depression, 3. Dropping Carbs. to lower range, 4. Recent Medical reports and 5. Lack of support from Endo. Have talked with my Primary and she will follow my Diabetes as long as I visit Endo. at least twice a year. This was one major step taken since I posted.

Since Oct. 3rd :through Oct. 16Th : Total Carbs were1,573 with Average per day of 82.78 Grams. Way down from 110 Grams
Per day. Total Insulin for that time period; 167 Units with average per day of 3.09 Units. Way, way down, now need to get through to Endo to revamp sliding scale. Novolog now 1/2U for every 5 grams at Breakfast and Lunch and 1 U for every 15 grams at Dinner( this changed just Oct. 11Th ), Wish me luck on this one. Weight stable at 115# for height of 5’.

So far so good. Could this Burn Out coming from my adjustment to all above changes?

Lifted spirits Monday when I found out my A1c dropped to 6.4 from 7.1 in June. Then today, my oldest daughter posted on Facebook that she changed her Picture to a Pink Ribbon in honor of her Mom (me of course ). If I just had that spousal support, things just might pick up around here.

Then next month, Anniversary of 25 years. Guess, there have been somethings I am doing right.

Love to all Chele

Sure there will always be things that are not perfect, but you have to just look at your the list of things; A1C 6.4%, a loving daughter and your upcoming anniversary. A bright new day can make things seem pretty darn good. Perhaps you can write yourself a note on how you feel today, and the next time you feel cr*ppy and burned out you can read the note and remind yourself that things will look up.

Thanks bsc
Started a journal 7 years ago when I was diagnosised with Breast Cancer and continued it to this day. Infact, it would make a good movie or TV series. That would be a good one !!!


Hi Hana,

I thought you had a great post. Could you please send me a message in reference to your diet. An example of what a day looks like for you with eating. My last A1c was a 6.0. I’d like to have mine at a 5.5 by January. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

My days are all different, because I am retired and do lots of other things, so I’ll give a gym day exaample aand anon-gym day.
If I’m going to the gym[3 x per week], I likee to be there by 8 a m. So I get up about 6 and have a cup of tea[ milk no sugar]. I am in England. I feed my dogs and let them play outside for a bit. Breakfast is a piece of cheese or cold meat from the fridge on the run. After about 2 hours of gym workout, I have a coffee with the group. then go home sometimes doing errands on the way. Lunch is a garden salad with cold meat, eggs or canned tuna I might have a few berries for dessert.
I have a cup of tea in the aternoon, but no snack. Supper is usually home made soup. No bread. I might have an evening snack of a few nuts or almonds and about once a week a square of dark chocolate. I walk my dogs every day too.
Because I eat cheese often and put cream in my coffee, I get enough fats to prevent me from getting hungry.
On a non-gym day, I do dogs and have a more substantial breakfast. Scrambled eggs, or eggs and bacon. I have just discovered fruit omelettes. Delicious with berries.
Lunch would be left over soup. Supper would be meat and steamed vegetables. I sometimes allow myself a potato about the size of a walnut. I put butter on my vegetables Saturdays and Sundays are a bit more varied too. with roast meat, or fish and sometimes even a dessert. Low carb of course.