Does anyone else in the middle of their diabetic burnout?

Can we help each other somehow in this thread?

I've just can not take it any longer.
I've jumped to moderate carb diet because felt really depressed on low carb developing eating disorder and now had to increase carbs due to some medical issues and extensive training.
Now my binging is worse than ever, my weight is +10 kg since november.
I have BG that are skyrockets and I don't care any more.

I feel bad, guilty and tired of everything all the time. And there is no hope. I will always have this. My family can not talk to me any more, they don't know what to say. I went to the therapists (different schools) didn't help either.

I read the Veira's book and SixUntilme books, I'ver read "binge over brain", I tried everything, Bernstein or no Bernstein,think like pancreas and you're not your brain. I am done. I am exhausted.

Type 1 diabetes is synonymous with eating disorders because we never eat a bite of food without thinking about its impact on our blood sugar. IMO a successful life with T1 is doing your best with blood sugar while keeping the food demons at bay.

I am from the Minneapolis, MN area and have met Asha Brown who is a great resource for eating disorders and Type 1 diabetes. Her website is: I suggest you check it out and consider contacting Asha for help. She knows her stuff because she has been to H*ll and back with eating disorders relating to diabetes.

Appears given your description, and reading list, the burning issue is the eating disorder.

Diabetes and eating disorders are very common problems. Enter the specific terms which describe what your symptoms and then enter diabetes too. Guarantee you will find several good articles and specific sites which discuss the specific problem you are experiencing.

Burnout is silly common and like snow will hopefully with time, get smaller and smaller. Regardless, after what you have endured, you should be tired. But, talk to your previous therapists, find websites discussing the particulars of your situation, your eating issues.

Find someone face to face to help you put out a fire burning the hardest and doing the worst damage. If you've exhausted yourself, get someone to stand in for you, reduce the heat a bit. Take the flames for you, just for a time.

I echo what has been said by others - the eating seems to be a primary issue and needs to be addressed. It is unfortunate, and difficult, that there is not often a large degree of understanding about the relatedness of diabetes and eating disorders. But please know you are not alone - keep reaching out to get the help you need.

I also wanted to let you know (and moderators, please remove this part if not okay!) that I will be presenting a webinar on diabetes burnout on through the Canadian Diabetes Association website tomorrow (March 26) - there could be information that would be helpful there for you or others.

I don't think you have a binging disorder, I think you are experiencing what a lot of people with and without diabetes diagnoses experience when their blood sugar is going up and down, even if it is going up and down within so-called normal parameters.

This kind of disordered eating can also be caused by too much weight loss dieting. I have seen frank discussions of it in some long threads on fasting diet discussion boards.

It is a response to specific but not well understood stress hormones. If you understand that it is the hormones affecting the way that hunger is controlled in the brain you will at least not have to deal with any feelings of personal failure.

The fact is, they could give you an injection of the hormones produced by the blood sugar fluctuations even if your blood sugar was flat and you would get an overwhelming need to eat, thanks to the brain chemistry.

I wish I had an easy solution to the problem. It is one I deal with. What worked for me and what you might discuss with your doctor, is metformin XR (Extended release). I'm NOT insulin resistant, but something about metformin turns off the hunger monster for me. So I take 1000 mg of it a day.

It will also improve your insulin resistance even if you are Type 1. There have been trials conducted that tested this and it cuts down on how much insulin people need to use.

Metformin XR is extremely cheap. If you try it, start out with 500 mg and only work up to 1000 after a week or two. It usually causes digestive issues the first week or two but most of us get over them.

The link below has numerous listings specifically aimed at Diabetics with Eating Disorders. Can't speak to their skill(s) on the issues, but knew I could find it again, if I looked long enough.

Let us know if they are good resources!!!

Hello, you are not alone.
I have not tested nor taken insulin for 3 days now. But I am eating very low carb still.
I won't go into DKA, so I guess there's nothing to worry about...

From the pot calling the kettle black, I'd say, take a deep breath. Do what it takes to get through the immediate crisis.

my guess is you may not have had enough fats and oils and starved yourself on low carb because it was low fat as well

"Dr Eric C. Westman, MD and president elect of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, has 15 years of experience helping patients lose weight and improve their health using low carb. He has also helped do several high-quality scientific studies on low carb."

" Don't do low carb, low fat " @4.00 minutes in to video

take some time off and nurture yourself.


don't worry about the weight, that can be later when you are on top of things again.
You could do a 'miss a meal' and overnight basal check ,,get that sorted when you are up to it

You are not alone. Hang in there. Things will get better, just give it time.