Diabetes Camp 2009: Update

Today was Camp Thoroughbred at Nikki’s school. It’s a middle school orientation for incoming 6th graders (I know I mentioned this in my blog yesterday – just reminding - :-D). Anyway, Mikayla’s mom picked the girls up around 7:00 a.m. They met their other (non-D) friend Emily at the school and spent the day doing things like practicing how to open their lockers and find their way around the school – they had a blast.

I picked them up at 2:30 and we headed straight back to camp because they were in a rush to make the horseback riding outing. Emily went with us to drop them off – they giggled for the entire hour drive. It was raining when we got there so Nikki’s group was hanging out in their cabin; which had no affect on the very good and giggly mood (and I mean Nikki, Mikayla, Emily and the rest of the cabin of 11 year old girls).

On the drive back to camp, one of the conversations centered around Mikayla having a low last night and Nikki being unable to fall asleep right away (which prompted her to brush her hair instead of count sheep – I didn’t ask for details). The best part was that they were laughing about the fact that by the time Mikayla’s blood was up and Nikki finally fell asleep it was time for midnight blood checks for the cabin so they were all wide awake for a long time: “and mom the funniest part was that ‘S’ couldn’t get her finger to bleed so we all climbed on her bunk and took turns trying to help her get blood out; but we were all laughing so hard that it didn’t work so she finally changed hands and then she got too much blood – it was so funny.” Now, for many people nothing about that incident seems funny; but I did understand it. From my point of view, the truly best part of that story is that all of those girls felt perfectly normal and not like the center of attention because of diabetes – I mean, they ALL have diabetes – no biggie.

God is Good!

What a great story and adorable photo!! It was winderful that they all ahd a ll-yearold giggly fir about getting out a drop of blood, and helping each other with it : so heartwarming. As a former Girl Scout leader with a junior troop of girls that age, I can relate to all-nighters in the cabin!!

And Yes HE IS GOOD ( and His grace and mercy endures forever)

Blessings to you, Sheri


I meant “giggly fit”. not “fir”. Now when those trees start laughing, you know you are having a low…

ahh the memories of diabetes camp. wow Im amazed that they had midnight testing. we had our bedtime testing which was at like 10 then off to bed, then the routine would start again. it was great.