Diabetes Camp WAS AWESOME

We went to camp Najeda at the end of August and my dd at 8 has decided that she wants to go all by herself at the end of June for a whole week. I think that it will be good for her. She is soooo excited. We have decided to do the Walkathon for Camp Najeda this year on September 29. We have gotten so many doantions from friends and family and I even figured out how to put a page online for family to donate. Anyone who knows me knows this is a big thing (it took me two hours and two tries but I got it) This will be our first year and I can't wait! We are even going to stay over night for the campfire!! We have gone to Faimly camp 2 years in a row and it has been the most positive experience! I can't wait to see how it goes this summer.

holly, glad you all had a good experience and you are all doing well. I hope the school year is under way without any issues! best wishes amy

Well there have been 5 different nurses so far this year and it doesn't look like they know how to speak to each other because I tell one something and the others don't get the message. I have already had to speak with the principal. I am hoping it will get better. But one of the nurses will be leaving in October so.... but we have all been there. Thanks.

yikes! how independent is your daughter now? jacob started high school this year the nurse seems nice but at this age he is solo he just jots down his bs in a book for her, obviously he could right any number he wants! but he is honest and usually pretty conscientious so he checks boluses and i check his history in his pump! scary but that is what is expected at this level and he is taking on more responsibility at home, his choice. i only bring this up because if she is ready and you are to, yes the nurses will be there but she will be confident and trusted so to speak, of course only if she is ready! if the nurse wasn't interested in jacob in middle school i think he would of been ok, he always has the same lunch god bless him so the carbs are always the same so he wont forget! just a thought hopefully it all settles out! amy

Seh knows what to do for the most part but the Endo did a big adjustment just before school started and of course she was going low in the afternoon. Just a lot of adjusting and things like that. That is where the problem is. Trying to tell them check her at morning snack not at lunch etc. that is where the problem is coming in. Met with them before it started to go over schedule and then they changed it on me on the first day. So I am just hoping we can get the lows under control this month and then she can handle it from there.

My 11 year old daughter went away for the first time to Camp Barton in MA. It was such an incredible experience for her - diabetes was normal!! She went for two weeks and wants to go for three weeks next summer.

Camp is the best thing. I know just from our expieriences at family camp for two years that she is going to LOVE her first time alone this summer. I can't wait for her to go and get back so that I can hear all about it. Know what I mean?