Diabetes control with intravenous food

so my sugar went down with a all water diet

but I couldn’t properly add food to make it balance out and when I ate table

food my sugar spiked

so I want to take water using intravenous ( or saline which is water with salt)


until my sugar goes down and then add nutrients I can live on

at a small amount until my body is processing the right amount of sugar

I just don’t know how to get intravenous food or how to make

it on my own

its supposed to be simple

if anyone can tell me where to get iv food

I would really appreciate your help

I would suggest to make an appointment with your regular Doctor and discuss it in more depth.

That is probably the best source of advice.

thank you im trying but hes not agreeing
I just don’t know a professional way to make an iv food on my own
its not difficult, I have seen it in a fluid diet, lots of people take fluid diets
Im just trying to be safe before I do it
thank you for answering

That might give a good idea as to the feasibility of the IV food idea.


As Tim35 suggested this is best to discuss with your doctor. Unless you have some underlying medical necessity to be on liquid nutrition I think you will find doctors to be resistant to such a drastic approach.

Also please note there is a vast difference between tube feeding which is delivered through a naso-gastric tube or stomach port and parenteral nutrition which is most often delivered through an IV port.

Diabetes is always a continuous process of determining the combination of food, medication, and activity that works best to maintain appropriate blood glucose levels in your body. You may find that consulting with a nutritionist or dietitian in combination with a diabetes educator would be worth your while in helping you achieve success.

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Thank you
I’m looking into new answers
My doctor offered me insulin before treatment

And even said worse things that makes me distrust my doctor

You said nose feeding is different then iv
Please tell me more if you can

I believe if it’s a all water diet that iv food can be added and digitally monitored so it is always perfect

It makes more sense then insulin or eating from food I don’t know the sugar content.

Personally after what I went through I don’t trust any food seeing they let this happen and didn’t tell me the dangers

I had no idea sugar caused diabetes

If IV is an option I would use it
I heard a nosetube can be used indefinitely as long as the tube is cleaned

Thank you for your reply

Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes and you didn’t do anything to cause it. You haven’t failed. Please understand that.

It’s a complicated disease. It’s a frustrating disease.

All of us here work hard at becoming an expert on our own diabetes. Look for a new doctor if you don’t feel you are being listened to or being provided comprehensive information about diabetes and managing diabetes. Sometimes you have to go through 2, 3, 4 doctors until you find the right one that’s going to help you achieve good results.

Water isn’t always perfect, neither is a liquid diet. Diabetes and blood sugar control have 100s of variables, some understood and some unknown. It’s always a process figuring out what works best until things stabilize for you and then when it isn’t stable you figure it out all over again. Food is essential for life, you should learn to read nutrition and ingredient labels, how to measure a portion size, and figure out what works and doesn’t work for you.

Spend some time educating yourself about diabetes, different medications, and different dietary approaches. Some good reads…

Think Like a Pancreas, Gary Scheiner
Bright Spots and Landmines, Adam Brown
The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes, Gretchen Baker
The Ultimate Guide to Carb Counting, Gary Scheiner
Diabetes Burnout, Bill Polonsky

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DIY IV “food”? I don’t think so.

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People live for decades on IV food and never get diabetes

I am finding this interesting. I have been on insulin since I was 8 and am now 68. I feel great and I enjoy food.

If you feel like it, would you mind explaining why you would take such a drastic step to avoid insulin?

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I’m afraid to tell you that no reputable licensed MD is going to prescribe you “intravenous food”. Those who are on it (TPN) would certainly prefer to eat the old fashioned way.



Unless you have severe gastropareis or cannot physically eat no qualified Dr. is going to prescribe you tube feeding. Sugar does not cause diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where we cannot process the energy that food is supposed to give us. Most people do not get diabetes no matter what kind of foods they eat.

I have a friend who used to take care of someone who was tube fed and still developed diabetes. Your stomach will process any food you give it whether you eat it or use a tube because it is all going to the same place. If you are set on having a diet that doesn’t have any variation in calories/nutrients then weigh out your food and eat the same amount of the same thing everyday to see if it helps your Blood Glucose readings.

This would be an extreme step to take in order to avoid taking insulin. Have you tried regular exercise and dietary changes to see if they would help? If your BG readings are still high then insulin is an obvious solution. What makes you against using insulin versus using tube feeding which would be incredibly difficult to get access to and keep up with.

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You are going to hurt yourself. Short term IV fluids have a risk factor in the best case. What you are suggesting leads me to think that you could seek mental health support.

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Just to be unique
Also I’m sure iv will be used to treat more if we treat things we know it can
I believe if I let my body have normal sugar that after a few weeks it will heal itself
That’s my guess

To think yeast lowers blood sugar and for a doctor not to tell a patient and then cut their legs off which I have seen is unethical and shows obviuosly I am right about IV food and only because of insane people becoming doctors are I having difficulties getting this done

If normal food raises your blood sugar, then so will IV food. Its the same thing. Both have sugar. Its my guess that IV food will likely raise your BG far higher than normal food because you will have trouble measuring it. IVs need to be sterile. If you are making your own IV fluids, I guarantee that it is not sterile and you are going to give yourself a terrible infection that could kill you.

When you give IV water, you are not actually decreasing the amount of sugar in your blood, you are diluting the concentration of sugar in your blood by adding water. Only insulin will remove the food.

A medic can give you saline solution (water) or dextrose solution (sugar).

However, You will not be able to, on your own, give these fluids in a way that doesn’t kill you. You will probably mess up your blood chemistry by trying to do something that is not possible. You can very easily stop your heart by giving too much fluid.

People who run marathons sometimes drink so much water, accidentally, that they die. Its relatively easy to mess up the amount of fluid in your blood and. You mess up the blood chemistry. You need a certain, specific balance of different things in your blood.

i need to be allowed my opinion people who cant open their jaw are allowed intravenous food, no one argues, I welcome all opinions , please allow me to have one of my own, if a person who cant open their jaw is allowed iv food then i deserve it as much as they do , https://goo.gl/images/P6U2vR

Its perfectly fine to investigate medicine. I’m not passing judgment. I’m just informing you that you do not have the skills or training to deliver IV fluids without killing yourself. If your super curious about this, there might be classes at the community college that you can take. Those will explain more fully than I am able to.

Here’s a taste of a guy discussing it. Note: If you are not taking insulin, its possible your blood chemistry is messed up already. There will be different rules that apply to you, than apply to a normal person.

that’s interesting , too intelligent for me , please write the churches , hospitals and diabetes locations, I just want intravenous food, it is not illegal at all, it is cheaper then food to make because it is only chemicals, please speak out for me,

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