Diabetes cured by diet alone?

I’ve heard about people improving their pancreatic function with raw diets and other nutritional methods.

Does anyone know about this alternative to insulin dependency? I’d like to know about this for people or for dogs…


Hey Amy,

Yeah there is tons of info out there on nutritional healing, Raw Foods and reducing insulin resistance/body regeneration. Some MD’s/Authors you might want to check out could include: Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Mike Anderson etc. Just some off the top of my head, just keep Googling and you’ll find tons of info though of course the best if personal and firsthand experience. Don’t take anyones word for it, research the best you can and find your own results. You’ll also want to find Mr. Peachy on here, he is a great guy and has a wealth of info on this.

You might want to join the TuDiabetes Raw Food Diabetes and WeLikeItRaw Raw Food Diabetics Ning groups to ask people with first hand experience. For me personally I’ve been on a raw living foods diet 100% for 2 months and 50% for 3-4 months and so far have seen a 60% reduction in my insulin intake. My A1c is down almost 4% in 6 months. Of course everyone is difference and will have different results based on their metabolism/habits/lifestyles. I’m documenting every bit of this and hope to get it online in the future.

I don’t have a dog at the moment so I can’t really speak on that, I’d love to get one again though :slight_smile:


Just to follow this up. Insulin reductions would be fewer units of insulin, but not necessarily fewer shots. (Though Marston, tell me if I’m wrong).

Thanks for your help, Marston. And congratulations on your diet/insulin reduction success!

To your health-

I eat a raw food diet for breakfast and lunch and did stop using insulin for a while. I have LADA and am not yet completely insulin dependent. What happened to me after a couple of months is that the higher numbers I saw when I was not using insulin finally caught up with me and affected my fasting levels. I wasn’t going very high- just to about 140 at an hour but that did have an impact on my pancreas I think. So now I’m back to injecting 3-4 times a day, but I inject less insulin- 2-3 units as compared to 4-6 units. I think that some people who claim to have “cured” their diabetes via a raw food diet are maybe willing to accept higher numbers than I am. Since I can use insulin, I feel I might as well combine insulin and a raw food diet (which is also very low carb) to help get almost normal BG numbers. One caution about raw foods is that many non-D people do much more juice and fruit than most of us can tolerate.

Yeah. I was just thinking for dogs the goal might be to inject less often rather than less insulin. At least we humans understand why we keep jabbing ourselves.

Mollyjade, my dogs LOVE sprouts. I sprout my own leafy greens, alfalfa etc. and I always make more for the pups. They especially enjoy them since there is no grass available at the moment. Sprouts are the “superfood” of raw foods containing all the nutrients of the growing plant in a tiny package.