Diabetes reversal diet

Hello, a friend and I are 15 days into the diabetes reversal diet. No it’s not some sort of quackery but backed up by two double blind studies…one at UCLA and the other at University of AZ. UCLA had a 50% cure rate with type II and the AZ program had a 95% success rate. Our own experiece has been normal blood sugars within 6 days (my friend was up to 160 u a day). What is it? The 21 day raw food conscious eating Diabetes Reversal diet. It is all about taking responsibility, not following the ADA (funded by dairy and beef interest). It does sound radical doesn’t it? But what is your life worth?

Steve, my guess is that you are talking about Type 2 diabetes, it is very important to make the distinction… since as you may know, even if diet can help reduce the amount of insulin needed, with type1s and LADAs, diet alone will not reverse diabetes.

Once you get diabetic, you’re diabetic. There is no “reversal”. In essence, by controlling carb intake and doing adequate exercise, you can keep your blood glucose levels in the normal range.

If you think that you are “cured”, go take the glucose tolerance test again and see for yourself how your blood glucose levels react.

Also, when you quote “backed by two double blind studies”, you should cite your references.

My comment above refers only to Type 2 diabetes, of course.

Type 2’s can go into a remission of sorts by controlling there BG with diet and exercise that is not something new. The diet may help more then the ones in the past due to more knowledge on the subject but it is not an concept that is new. There is no way to regenerate islet cells which are what produce insulin. In type 1’s they are gone or severely damaged in numbers. I really hope this treatment you speak of cures all Type 2’s how wonderful would that be ?:slight_smile: The reality is everyone is different and some people can not digest raw foods due to intestinal issues so the ones that can go for it!
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I meant to say remission not cured.

Steve, please post the links to the scientific studies that you mention. I would be curious to read them.

I assume that the studies involved people who DO produce some insulin.

If I were 15 days into your diet WITHOUT insulin, I would be dead. Trust me, when I didn’t get insulin for more than 4 hours my body complained loudly (by “spilling ketones” and leading to a horrible condition called diabetic ketoacidosis).

I agree that the raw food diet is VERY healthy. I just object to calling it a diabetes reversal diet. Change the name of the diet, then we can talk :slight_smile: