Diabetes friendly places to stay around Orlando?

We are planning a trip to Orlando in May this year and hope to stay somewhere close (beaches) for a few days before we go to Disney. We're looking for accommodation with suitable facilities (Kitchen reliable Fridge, good sporting activities etc ).It will be for two adults and three kids (8,6,3). So far we have looked at Clearwater and St Petes. Can anyone recommend somewhere that they enjoyed. Ideally we would like to be within 3 hours drive of the airport.

any suggestions received with thanks

We have only stayed on property at WDW, but I just wanted to chime in that we had a fantastic experience managing our son's T1D at DisneyWorld. The hotel gave us a sharps container, the bag check folks did not act confused with his supplies and snacks, and there were plenty of places to get fun snacks when his BG went low. Hope you have fun!

Thanks for message daneenm We are really looking forward to WDW. Its good to know it won't be to much of a hassle for the little man

Check online at www.airbnb.com and also check out vrbo.com. These are home type places. We have used vrbo.com twice and have been very pleased. It was a smooth process both times. WIth a family of 6 a kitchen was very helpful. Enjoy!

Look on for places to stay on vrbo.com or homeaway.com you can rent a house from any where from one day to one month for less than the cost of a hotel. We have stayed in many vrbos and homeaways and have had nothing but good experiences.

Good Luck!!!

We were at WDW on our son's 1yr anniversary of D. We stayed on Disney property. We had a fridge in the room, but the little freezer part was not strong enough to freeze our cold packs to take our insulin to the parks. We had 2-3 cold pack and left them with the consierge to freeze and would just swap out the thawed one with the frozen one each morning as we left the hotel. We had a local grocery deliver snacks to our hotel that we preordered before we got there so we wouldn't have to pack all that in our luggage and not have to spend a ton on food in the park. Will got low once while waiting for our dinner reservation and they quickly brought us some juice to take care of it. We had no issues while there, except maybe higher numbers than usual from excitement! : ) Hope you have a fabulous trip!