Looking for Disney advice

Hi friends. 10 months into O’s diagnosis (8 year old super boy) and first time to post anything. We are heading to Disneyland next week and I’m just looking for advice from experienced parents. Have done Disney several times but never with D along for the ride. Any advice or heads up would be appreciated!

Test, test, test and carry supplies with you/him. We have now done WDW and DL and after the fact, i wonder what I was so worried about :-) We find it quite easy to manage while we are there. In WDW, we worried about heat making him drop, but we just tested more often and took opportunities for treats when he started trending low. We estimate just as we would at any restaurant that we don't have exact carb counts for and with the exercise and our estimates his numbers are generally good.

I would make extensive use of Fast Passes to avoid the longest waits in line. We have had much success arriving early, using Fast Passes, taking a break at the pool after lunch and coming back around dinner time.

The bag check folks seem very familiar with T1D supplies and we have never had an issue there.

Have a great time!

Hi there! Go straight to Guest Services (in the big Town Hall building, in Main Street Square.) Ask them for a Guest Assistance Card. Explain that you have a child with Type 1 and you are concerned about highs and lows, needing to leave a line to address a blood sugar emergency or because a bathroom is needed, etc., and they will give you a card. This will allow your entire party to enter the ride from the exit, and a cast member will almost always put you on the very next ride. No waiting=No stress. We have used this card whenever we visit Disneyland and it takes all of the stress and worry out of the day. Disney is wonderful. Hope you have a GREAT time!! :)

I blogged about this topic last November and listed all of my tips and tricks while at WDW. If you want to take a gander, here's the URL:http://www.dancintothebetes.blogspot.com/2011/12/disney-universal-trip.html

Definitely go to guest services and grab the GAC. This was a life saver for us!We kept having to get out of line to test or get a snack and once we explained that her BG's couldn't handle the wait times, they gave us one. Don't expect to have great levels, Cham's were crazy! Even if I thought I was guessing in the ball park, she would be sky high. Anytime we could grab something that had a nutrition label, I was all over it.

We had a blast and I can't wait to go back! Have FUN!!

We have been to Disney world a lot. In fact we diagnosed our second T1D kid in a Disney hotel but that is a different story.

I have a very out of date guide for Disney World at www.DisneyWithDaibetes.com.

I like to take Tru2Go meters (free with rebate at major drug stores) 'cause they fit in a pocket. I think we call them ninjas at that site.

Test frequently as all the walking and adrenaline impacts BGs.

Our experiance is sometime you can get a GAP and some cast members will not give you one. Your Disney May Vary.

Carry gluco tabs (I like the gluco lift berry)

Plan the day out and plan in down time to chill and deal with lows or highs.

It is great fun, enjoy and as long as he doesn't run too low a little your diabetes may vary is fine.

I should say that this was my FAVORITE reference when we were planning our WDW trip! I refer people to AllEars and your guide often. Thank you very much for putting it out there!

We live in South Florida and have been to Disney World at least 6 times since my son was diagnosed. We fix/have breakfast in our room every morning to ensure that we start the day
off with good numbers. If we start the day with lows or highs he seems to follow that pattern throughout the day. I pack a bag with waters and extra snacks and hubby and I take turns carrying the bag at the parks. At the restaraunts we have him choose foods that we eat at home and just compare the size of the bun (or whatever) to what we would normally eat. We, so far, have done pretty well. Just remember that it is a lot of walking and if you stay at the parks late or go for an evening swim to check his blood sugar very late at night so he doesn't have lows during the night (that was our biggest problem). Relax and just have fun!!! :)

Do they still have the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Conference at Disney? I saw this on your guide. My son was diagnosed almost 2 years ago now and I haven't heard of this conference ... sounds wonderful!!

We have breakfast in the room 'cause were cheap. LOL

We have cases of water delivered form grocery store (and breakfast and snax) and always have lots with us and did I mention cheap?

Thanks. We were happy to share it with Deb when she asked.

It needs an update bad. Maybe there is a fun way to do that.....

We take our own food, snacks and water too. I wouldn't say cheap - I like to think of it as smart! :) Even if you stay at the Value Resorts (All-Star Sports, Music or Movies) if you say you have medicine that you need to keep cold they will bring a fridge to your room (one of those dorm sized kind).

Smart / not cheap! LOL

Yes. It is fantastic. Every other year on Disney property and the off year is at the Marriott wold Center just outside Epcot. This summer is a Disney Year. (it is great at Marriott too.)


Here are some bits from a few years ago to make you want to be there:

Joe Slowie. (I love Joe, so does everyone else)

24/7 Joe Solowiejczyk from thebetes now on Vimeo.

Here some Kids form FFL saying what they are NOT:

tb t7 not from thebetes now on Vimeo.

And a little Red Carpet:

tb t7 wearing from thebetes now on Vimeo.

I think smart and cheap(er) go hand in hand.

Went to WDW in Feb - first time since Maddy was diagnosed - had a blast! We were able to get one of those passes - made our life a lot easier (though you can't skip all the lines) but I was told you can't always get them - we had a note from our doctor. We had a problem with her pump on one of the days - they let us use the nursing room at one of the baby centers to get her straightened out(she is only 5 though). Have fun!