Diabetes game

I don’t know if there is even one out there, but I was just playing a game on facebook and it got me thinking. What if there was a game geared towards the education of those who are newly diagnosed or those just curious about diabetes of all kinds. I would actually have fun playing that game. haha hey at least it wouldn’t be me giving myself a trip to the ER. it would be my character in the game. anyone ever thought of this?

Remember those little electronic critters? Tamagotchi’s or something like that? A game could include a diabetic Tamagotchi character with a particular insulin sensitivity, carb:ratio, oral or injectable meds, etc. Then it would be presented with a meal or activity and you’d have to calculate the carbs, give the proper dosage, etc. avoid high or low blood sugar or otherwise maintain normal levels.

How cool would that be?


here’s a game!

i dont know if the link worked so here it is:

I remember those. I used to have one as a kid. haha I wouldn’t mind it. who knows we might end up creating something like that instead of just a cranky tamagachi it’s a cranky low tamagachi.

Duuude. I can see it now. Your this little character that runs around. But you have to check sugar levels and take the correct insulin to get it within the right range. If you dont bad things happen and little stars float around your head. Like farmville…only you dont farm…you correct sugar levels. hehe.

oh what if the character had to go to the Endo every so often and get an A1c and the ratio’s change and the doctor tells the character to do certain things in order to keep it regulated? haha a typical Diabetic life.

thanks. I was looking for something just like that. Got more?

got more?

Yes. I did. are there any games our there for children that do that - provide diabetes education?


There is go to www.futurefocusgame.com It’s a board game that teaches kids about preventing diabetes and how to manage it