Video game for diabetes education

I know that in the past few weeks when I was surfing this forum, SOMEWHERE I came across people talking about how it would be cool to have a video game to help newly diagnosed adults or children learn the ins and outs of type 1 diabetes. I was surfing the Canadian Diabetes Association site and found out there is one called Packy and Marlon, designed to improve a young person’s self-confidence, ability and motivation to undertake the rigorous self-care necessary to control type 1 diabetes. It models game challenges on diabetes challenges. To win, players must learn how to avoid enemies, select desirable items and engage in specific behaviours that will help their character stay healthy.
Apparently, It can be found at – price ranges from $15.49 to $35.00 I am wondering though if it is outdated…the study that I pulled this info from was done in 2008, but the game itself was made in the 90’s…

I am NOT a gamer…so I have no idea of any detail…just thought I would pass this info on to those who may be interested.

I would imagine that if it was made in the 90’s then it would be a little outdated however there would definately still be alot of useful information aswell. I am about to receive a beta copy of a game called Escape from Diab and test it with my diabetes prvention group. It is still in testing stage so the data would be up to date.

Hmmm…I have no idea what those are either LOL LOL

amen…i second the call of duty motion

Try this. Not available in US yet.

Hey I took a look at that…it looks awesome for type 1 kids!! Almost makes me want to go back 40 years and start over…LOL