Diabetes getting hardr to control the longer i have it

I have had type 1 diabetes and there are other type 1’s at my school and they tell me the longer you have it the harder it is to control now matter how good you keep you health… is this true becase i have been wondering about it ever since they told me that but they also seem like they might not take the best careof them selfs so maybe that why its harder for them to control.

thanks a lot Harvey and i have already had a couple issues because i was not accustomed to being diabetic yet but lately everything is going pretty well…also hoping to go on a pump within the next couple months.

I think as you get older you feel like you should be “use” to everything. Well, ok you can be use to testing, taking shots, what a low feels like…but honestly, the disease keeps changing just like you do so you are going to have to keep changing how you manage your diabetes. Getting old is hard on the body, diabetic or not. I have to say, some people are just idiots and they feel the have a right to tell you how it’s going to be for you. Yes, you may have complications due to the length of having diabetes. But even if you worked out 6 times a week and ate a completely vegan diet it’s absolutely NO guarantee that you will be healthy forever. Life just doesn’t work like that. Just like Harvey said, stay positive and look at the joy in your life.


Hi Brandon: :slight_smile:

All what Harvey said…Right on.

Whatever you would put into your most favourite activity or Person, put it into Diabetes until YOU OWN IT. You have a lot to learn about Diabetes(take it slow) and about how it and foods, stress, illness, exercise, seasons, treatments, alcohol, etc. effect your blood sugars. Even when you understand these, your sugars will go outta whack occasionally. Just take it as a spit in Life, don’t stress it. You’ll get your sugars back shortly with proper treatment.

You can live a Very long Successful Life, as many have, especially with the pump as you mentioned. Diabetes is just another bump in the road after you understand it and you. Ask all the questions you need to or just read and comment, if that makes you feel more comfortavle here. Welcome!! :slight_smile:

If you need to lose weight then the fast foods need to leave your diet. Smaller portions of food or lower carb foods, extra water and daily exercise helps a lot.

Stay away from the doom & gloom types. Some people enjoy being negative. You’re probably right. Rather than taking proper care of themselves, they chalk it up to control becoming more difficult.

There are many, many diabetes veterans here who are healthy with great control. They’re our inspiration.

Sounds like these friends are giving a lame excuse for bad control. I have T1 for over 20 years and I have no complications. Furthermore I have not seen any evidence that control will deteriorate over time. Of course the typical changes that are coming with age like weight gain will challenge you. But be assured that good control will be rewarded. Do not exchange short time relief / denial / easyness with long term grief. You are on a marathon not a 100 meter race.

Brandon that is rubbish to be honest, its like when your at work if you dont put in the hard work and effort you wont get good results so with diabetes without hardwork and determination you wont get anything really.
I have had diabetes for most of my life have had ups and downs but I am jumping on the horse and doing all I can to get great results.Dont let anyone bring you down because it does not help at all it just leads to negative thoughts and negative results.Goodluck
Good luck

Hey Brandon - I say like others here " HOGWASH "!!! I’ve been diabetic now for over 42 years, since the age of 7, and trust me, I am in good shape/health/whatever! I am not an angel diabetic - most people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m a diabetic, as I guess I don’t fit that diabetic role model - but my method of insanity with controlling my diabetic health works for me, that’s the main thing. If whatever you are doing works for you, that’s the most important thing. If you want any more advise, there’s lots of us long timers here that can give you some tips or send your friends to this website - to learn more about how diabetics can l live life to the fullest despite what they may have been told!
Anna from Montreal - http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog

so for me i realized the same thing! i use to be in super good control when i was first diagnosed! When i went on the pump i got lazy and would just bolus and not test my a1c got pretty high for me!! and then i got back on track after diabetes camp and now am in the best control ever!

thank you Alyssa and good to hear your back in control.

I sabotage myself, so the D is harder to control, but its not because I’ve had it longer and its morphed. I stop caring, I get frustrated and tired. I go through periods of not caring at all, then something kicks me in the head and I get back on the wagon. My A1C has never been over 7.7, so I’m not being terrible, just not where I was 13 years ago when this all started, and when I was pregnant with my kids. My support group helps me stay on track too.

Hi Brandon, you are not defined by your diabetes, you are defined by you. That being said, your diabetes will not be harder to control the longer you have had it. I have had Type1 diabetes for 38 years and while there may have been bumps in the road early on, I have never had better control in my life. Diabetes is not a degenerative disease, its an opportunity to learn about your body and do whats best for it If half of the people in America would practice the good self management behaviors that people with diabetes must embrace our health care system wouldn’t be so stressed. You with the support of your family and friends are the most important person in defining your success!