52 years ....gotta catch up to the rest of you

52 years since 1957. My advice treat diabetes as a lifestyle not your life. I am going for the Guiness book of records.

Pretty much my feelings to. Been at it just a touch longer than you, was diagnosed 4/9/56. Many people seem to have trouble understanding you can’t just run your life by rules all the time, irt’s necessary to et the feel of what works or doesn’t and go with the flow much of the time.
Since I haven’t suffered anything worse than minor foot neuropathy during this time, and that’s been reduced by taking a few supplements and using an insulin pump I just don’t think it’s that hard anyway.

My, my…I think we have a lot of catching up to do. I truly agree with your advise Jonathan. Wish you the best.

CONGRATULATIONS! And how we can all learn from you! Now tell us your lifestyle! We need to know it to adopt it. Maybe we need a beach, too?


I truly appreciate all of the accolades! The secret is knowing thyself. Sounds religious. Well it is. It is the religion of living with a manageable ever changing continually evolving ailment. You need to take the tiger by the tail and understand your body and how it reacts to certain circumstances and activities. Physicians can spout all the technical jargon and preach all they want. But the reality is they do not know what it is like live with YOUR diabetes. Only you know how to live with your diabetes. That hot dog you ate for lunch will affect you in a different manner then it effects me. To me this is the true secret.

Gotcha by 4 years, 56 years so far. But you are right you really have to know all you can to survive this length of time plus a good body to begin with. Some of us have all the luck.

My good fortune was to acquire diabetes when I was 2 years old. Unlike others who acquired it later in life I know of no other way to live. Like Richard Vaughn I had a childhood disease Roseola that sent my body temperature to 105. That I believe kicked off the genetic disposition for diabetes.

Richard I enjoyed your explanation of unexplained highs.