Diabetes Hands Foundation Launches DHF Seeds!

Do you have an awesome idea for a service, program, book.... that will help improve life with diabetes? Want some help getting it off the ground?!

Diabetes Hands Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new program, DHF Seeds, designed to help non-profit organizations and individuals with good ideas about diabetes get started by providing them with seed funding. The program is made possible, in part, through funding provided by Sanofi US Diabetes.

This first year, the program will award $2,000 micro-grants to nine 501(c)(3) nonprofits and/or members of the Diabetes Advocates program run by the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

It could be an inspiring comic book with a character who has diabetes, an innovative way to help get supplies to people in need, a creative art project that to enable people with diabetes to express their experiences with it...

Submissions to DHF Seeds will be accepted online between March 19, 2012 and April 2, 2012. The winning proposals will be announced on Monday, July 30, 2012.

For detailed information about DHF Seeds, including the application process and important dates, visit: http://www.diabeteshandsfoundation.org/our-programs/dhf-seeds

What would you create if you could get some extra financial help to do it? Share your ideas below!

DHF Seeds is made possible, in part, through funding provided by Sanofi US Diabetes.

Hi. Is the DHF Seeds project only for the USA?

Every diabetic in Spain needs advocacy.

Diabetics need to know their right to treatment.

Health Authorities need to come into line with the stated rights of patients with diabetes.

Doctors need to be made aware of just what services are available for patients registered with their medical practise/Health Areas.

Doctors should be challenged to pressure for the best appropriate treatment for their diabetic patients.

This could all be done by the strategic placing of posters and a decent advocate in Spain.

Posters should be Bi Lingual.


Hi Muleman,
I agree with what you say!

The grants are starting in the US at least this round of funding. But we very much want to extend them beyond US borders as soon as it becomes feasible in terms of resources.