Your Diabetapedia Likes & Tweets May Help Create a DHF Diabetes Advocates’ Scholarship Fund!

New Innitiative by Sanofi

Many organizations have made it their mission to raise awareness of, and provide education about, diabetes. One such organization, that has been quite effective in their efforts, is the Diabetes Hands Foundation(DHF). One of the primary means the DHF assists the Diabetes Community is by encouraging an open exchange around the realities in the lives of people touched by diabetes – ideas to help improve them, ways to help connect them, and resources to help energize those living with this condition.

To further their mission, the Diabetes Hands Foundation runs a program called Diabetes Advocates, with the purpose of connecting individuals and small organizations that have taken a leadership role in improving the world for people touched by diabetes. In 2012, Sanofi US Diabetes is proud to sponsor the Diabetes Advocates program to help empower its members to have a greater impact by helping them improve their reach and effectiveness.

Beyond an initial $20,000 program sponsorship, Sanofi US Diabetes will also provide another $5,000 to create a Diabetes Advocates’ Scholarship Fund when various terms and phrases found on Diabetapedia receive a combined 2,500 Likes & Tweets. This newly created scholarship fund will be dedicated to providing assistance to members of Diabetes Advocates who may not otherwise have the means to attend diabetes-related conferences and gatherings such as the annual meetings hosted by the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

This means we need your help! Like & Tweet the various terms and phrases included in Diabetapedia. Be sure your friends and social networks are aware of them. Basically, help create awareness of this educational resource called Diabetapedia (di-ah-bee-tah-pee-dee-ah).

In doing so, not only will you help establish Diabetapedia as a go-to resource, but you’ll also support the goal of creating a Diabetes Advocates’ Scholarship Fund. It will only take 2,500 combined Likes & Tweets so, please, start sharing now!