Diabetes Humor...Yeah, we got it

The biggest thing I’ve gotten from the diabetes online community (DOC) these days is a shared sense of humor with regard to diabetes. I mean, if you’ve gotta have a disease that requires 24/7 management, never takes a day off, and could easily kill you if you let your guard down, you should at least be able to laugh about it, right? So, I wanted to compile some of the D things that have literally left me in tears of laughter.

  • The F*$kYeah Diabetic Cat Meme Generator - This was posted in Kerri's SixUntilMe website yesterday and I spent the better part of an hour reading these. Hilarious. And probably something only people with D can really understand.
  • What Not to say to the Parent of a Type 1 Diabetic - This video makes me laugh each time I watch it. Never fails. I'm generally pretty tolerant of stupid comments people make about D, provided they don't mind me correcting them (politely). But my politeness runs out when I get the random person who insists the capote tree of Brazil or whatever will return my pancreas to normal.
  • Diabetes Terms of Endearment (and here too!)- Again, these always make me laugh. So accurate! I always find it funny when I use one of these terms in front of a non-D person, forgetting that not everyone thinks about being on the glucocoaster or their upcoming diaversary. Not long ago, I was explaining to someone how my pump worked, and they asked how I accounted for carbs in things like restaurant meals. I looked at them funny and replied, "Well, I just SWAG, of course!" As if "SWAG" was the most rational answer.
  • The Little Things - This post from Kerri over at SixUntilMe also made me chuckle when I read it, because it's something that I do all the time. Because D is such a pervasive part of our lives, it's hard not to see it everywhere. I also see diabetes everywhere sometimes. It's hard not to. If I see a juice box, I just assume it's because someone is treating a low, not because they actually might like juice.

These are just a few of the humorous D-related things I've stumbled across on the web. What are your favorite pieces of D humor?

Hi MyBustedPancreas. Thanks for the laughs. Without a sense of humor, Diabetes really is deadly. PWD’s often post about their antics while low, but they’re scattered about…

Yeah, I always do my best to try and find the humor in D. I will say that it has given me some hilarious moments. I’ve learned to make quick comebacks (my favorite being when someone asks me if it hurts to prick my finger/give myself a shot/change an infusion set), I reply back, “No! Not at all! It kinda feels good.” And while lows are indeed scary, they can also be amusing in their own right, especially when looking back at them in hindsight.

That cat blog had me howling with laughter!!! “The kind where you can’t eat sugar?”… priceless!

Simply gold!

Thanks for the laughs :slight_smile:

Soooooo funny! And of course my family doesn't understand why I'm laughing to the point of tears (newly Type 1). They read the sites and just have quizzical expressions :)

Check these out from Kim Vlasnik, author of 'texting my pancreas':


Oh wait, I see you posteded a link from textingmypancreas! Never mind... :)

I could not stop laughing at that Type 1 parent video...LOL!