Diabetes in pop culture

Know any mentions of diabetes or insulin in the entertainment world?

some of my faves
Dexter - in the first season (in episode Father Knows Best), Dexter find out his dad has died and he has to go clean out his house (he never knew his dad was alive). Being a forensic expert in blood he starts snooping around and finds out his dad died of a heart attack. He figures out that his bio dad didn’t have any heart problems, the doc said he found miocroaneurisms in the retina’s. Dexter’s theory is he’s been injected with insulin, which may have induced a heart attack (based on fact, no idea!!) but he’s to late to find out because his dad has been cremated

Lie to Me- Involves a case where a pharmaceutical company needs to find out who’s leaked out their formula which helps diabetics (not sure how). The street drug, possibly an insulin pill, is giving people strokes and uncontrollable bleeding. The real mystery isn’t who’s copying the drug, because it’s exactly the same. The real scandal is who covered up research to push the pill forward! (possibly based on Avandia??)

Metalocypse- the guys in the this super hard metal band decide to promote something. One of the member supports candy and ends up eating to much. He makes some references to slipping in and out of a diabetic coma and that they should make insulin flavored candy. Hilarious to only me i think…

College Humor’s take on a diabetic Crank. Instead of upping his adrenaline he has to up his sugar to survive

I love all the diabetic chuck norris jokes and anybody who makes fun of Captain Novolin

Steel Magnolias…HORRIBLE portrayal of diabetes though.

I love Metalocalypse! Btw, in Crank (not the parody) Jason Statham uses an insulin pump to deliver the drugs he needs to keep his adrenaline high.

omg i remember!

The member Phife, of A Tribe Called Quest, has diabetes. I found out when i heard the song titled “Oh my God”. Here is a link for the song: http://www.last.fm/music/A+Tribe+Called+Quest/_/Oh+My+God

Intervention episode with the type 1 diabetic kid (channel A and E). That was an interesting episode… They tried to make him go to some weird center, and he hated it.

“Con Air” - One of the ‘good’ inmates on the flight can’t get his insulin dose. He starts sweating and shaking. His eyes roll into his head. When he gets his injection, relief is immediate.

In essence, he has high blood sugar but shows the symptoms of low blood sugar. Insulin has the same immediate affect as sugar. Everything is backwards.

Also see this interesting article in Diabetes Health from 2002.

A brief scene in Porky’s where a drunk kid is passed out in his food and another kid tells a cop the kid is diabetic. Pretty lame portrayal of us.

“brothers and sisters” on ABC…Paige (Sarah’s daughter) has type 1. they never mention it now, but the episode when she was diagnosed was great. I think it was the first season.

Anyone ever heard of Coronation Street, one of the teenagers were a diabetic. She decided to commit suicide so she ate loads of sweets, then took insulin ???//

Scandinavian crime writer Henning Mannkell’s detective, Kurt Wallander, has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Finally! He’s been tired and not hungry in the previous books.
Kenneth Branagh recently played the character in three episodes of “Wallander” shown on BBC One.

There was a recent episode of … Private Practice Kate Walsh has a patient that needs a heart transplant and her husband overdoses on insulin … Kate thinks that it’s his brother or uncle that killed him by giving him the insulin, but she can not prove the murder and the guy’s heart is a match for his wifes and so there is a heart transplant surgery. Can we say craaazy.

Nick Jonas, who is a member of the Jonas Brothers band (I think he’s the youngest one), has Type 1 diabetes, and has talked quite a lot about it in the media. I think the band has at least one song that’s about his experiences with it.

Panic room! This lady and her daughter live in this new house and there’s a safe room with money in it. These burglars try to break in so they hide in the safe room, but OH NO her daughter has low blood sugar. I didn’t realize that was a cont. glucose monitor on her wrist… I don’t think she was diabetic… just had low blood sugar… but she did have to go get her a glucagon shot… I heard there is a bunch of wrong stuff in this movie. Like extreme thirst when she was low, not trying to overexert herself, etc.

Did anybody watch the King of the Hill one?

Scrubs (TV show) Turk is diagnosed with T2 in the fourth season or so…

I have read that it was actually based on what happened to the writer´s (or producer´s?) sister in real life. Am guessing that she had hypo unawareness???

nice - “When’s the last time you heard a funky diabetic?”