Diabetes or Diabetic

When we first went to diabetes camp everyone was making a big deal about calling someone a diabetic. It made since that someone should not be defined by their disease. It was not that big of a deal at the time but I made a choice be careful and not try to use the word diabetic to describe someone.

This year at camp everyone was using the term diabetic, calling themselves and everyone else a diabetic. I thought that it was interesting considering the big emphasis they put on not using the word at previous camps.

I am just wondering how offensive is the term?

PS. does anyone know what has happened to the children with diabetes web site? it has been down for a week now.

All my Life I have referred to myself as a Diabetic when in a related discussion. When push comes to shove, if I am in a bad situation and need Insulin/food or other medical care, People need to know that I am a Diabetic. Right to the point and they understand. I am offended by neither term since they both mean the same thing only in a different form. I am also Asthmatic, Artistic and Arthritic.

It seems to work fine now.


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OH MY… I have the same issue… In my past I worked for a company that sold to “DIABETICS” but we were trained to say “People with Diabetes” becasue they said being called a Diabetic was offensive to some… WIERD I didn’t agree. I don’t mind the Diabetic term.

I hear ya… spend the time curing the disease so we can get rid of the term all together… oh wait, then what would happen to all the $$$ they make off “DIABETICS”… lol

i don’t find it offensive at all. however i did have a friend blow up at some once who tried to get my attention by saying “hey, diabetic girl”. she quickly snapped at him “she HAS a name”. i just turned around to see what he wanted.

I think I would be offended if someone called me “diabetic girl.” Then again, I would be offended if someone called me “tall girl” or “blue shirt girl!” I don’t mind the term diabetic- but it’s not my name.

Diabetic here. Have been for 34 years, and I really donto find it offensive.

Rick Phillips

You can call me jay
or you can call me ray
you can call me Phil
You can take a pill
but dont call me late for dinner.


Either term is okay by me. What really bugs me is people who say diabetic vs. normal. The opposite of diabetic is non-diabetic. The opposite of normal is abnormal. I am not abnormal but neither am I non-diabetic.


I’m not offended. I am a diabetic who has diabetes! Just as I am a fat woman. This is the obvious and just a label. I would only say to this “political cr**” that a spade is a shovel, a dog is a bowie, and I’m a diabetic with diabetes. I’m Not ashamed of the indication. And, if people are offended, then I am sorry and I don’t mean to use any derogatory terms but I’m not ■■■■■-footing around. I’m also handicapped! Is anyone offended by that? I’m not! If so, I won’t refer to them as “handicapped.” Let’s just all forget labels and love each other for who we are. Tomato - tomahto; potato - potahtoh, diabeetis - diabeteez!!!

Love you all!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI